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Star Trek x The Big Bang Theory
The Bakersfield Expedition

S6 E13 - The Bakersfield Expedition
The Transporter Malfunction

S5 E20 - The Transporter Malfunction
The Toast Derivation

S4 E17 - The Toast Derivation
The Thespian Catalyst

S4 E14 - The Thespian Catalyst
The 21-Second Excitation

S4 E8 - The 21-Second Excitation
The Wheaton Recurrence

S3 E19 - The Wheaton Recurrence
The Excelsior Acquisition

S3 E16 - The Excelsior Acquisition
The Codpiece Topology

S2 E2 - The Codpiece Topology
The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

S2 E11 - The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
The Russian Rocket Reaction

S5 E5 - The Russian Rocket Reaction