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Crossover Episodes

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S6 E4 - Relics
45m 26s
Unification, Part 1

S5 E7 - Unification, Part 1
45m 35s
Unification, Part 2

S5 E8 - Unification, Part 2
45m 41s
Trials and Tribble-ations

S5 E6 - Trials and Tribble-ations
45m 17s
These Are the Voyages

S4 E22 - These Are the Voyages
42m 47s

S3 E2 - Flashback
45m 48s
Through the Looking Glass

S3 E19 - Through the Looking Glass
45m 17s

S3 E23 - Sarek
45m 26s
Blood Oath

S2 E19 - Blood Oath
45m 20s
The Forsaken

S1 E17 - The Forsaken
45m 13s

S6 E10 - Pathfinder
43m 45s