Corrina, Corrina
Corrina, Corrina

Corrina, Corrina

QC: 8+
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Businessman Manny Singer (Ray Liotta) needs a reliable nanny to watch his daughter, Molly (Tina Majorino), in the absence of her late mother, yet the early applicants are unimpressive. Molly has barely talked since her mother's death, but when Corrina Washington (Whoopi Goldberg) gets the girl chatting, she lands the job. Although some think their relationship is ahead of its time for the 1950s, African-American Corrina and Manny, who is white, soon appear to be headed for romance.
Drama, Comedy, Romance


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Jessie Nelson
  • Cast

    • Ray Liotta
    • Whoopi Goldberg
    • Tina Majorino
    • Don Ameche
    • Larry Miller
    • Joan Cusack
    • Mimi Lieber
    • Karen Leigh Hopkins
    • Marcus Toji
    • Lucy Webb
  • Writer

    • Jessie Nelson


Corrina, Corrina
Corrina, Corrina

Corrina, Corrina

In 1959, a widower hires a kindly housekeeper/nanny to care for his seven-year-old daughter.

1h 55m 22s