Maps to the Stars
Maps to the Stars

Maps to the Stars

18+, L, S, M
QC: 16+
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Troubled Hollywood actress Havana Segrand is considering a career-boosting return playing her own mother, also a legendary film star. Her analyst Stafford Weiss's son Benji is a spoiled, multimillionaire child star, recently returned to public life following a spell in rehab. When Havana hires unknown Agatha as her new assistant on her friend Carrie Fisher's personal recommendation, it reveals dangerous secrets that they would all prefer to keep buried.
Comedy, Drama


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • David Cronenberg
  • Producers

    • Saïd Ben Saïd
    • Martin Katz
    • Michel Merkt
  • Cast

    • Julianne Moore
    • Mia Wasikowska
    • John Cusack
    • Evan Bird
    • Olivia Williams
    • Robert Pattinson
    • Carrie Fisher
    • Amanda Brugel
    • Kiara Glasco
    • Sarah Gadon
    • Dawn Greenhalgh
    • Ari Cohen
  • Writer

    • Bruce Wagner
  • Executive Producers

    • Benedict Carver
    • Renee Tab
    • Patrice Theroux


Maps to the Stars
Maps to the Stars

Maps to the Stars

Driven by an intense need for fame and validation, members of a dysfunctional Hollywood dynasty have lives as dramatic as any movie.

1h 51m 42s