Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

14+, V, L, M
QC: 13+
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Shaun (Simon Pegg) is a 30-something loser with a dull, easy existence. When he's not working at the electronics store, he lives with his slovenly best friend, Ed (Nick Frost), in a small flat on the outskirts of London. The only unpredictable element in his life is his girlfriend, Liz (Kate Ashfield), who wishes desperately for Shaun to grow up and be a man. When the town is inexplicably overrun with zombies, Shaun must rise to the occasion and protect both Liz and his mother (Penelope Wilton).
Horror, Comedy


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Edgar Wright
  • Producers

    • Edgar Wright
    • Tim Bevan
    • Eric Fellner
    • Alison Owen
    • Natascha Wharton
    • James Wilson
    • Nira Park
  • Cast

    • Simon Pegg
    • Kate Ashfield
    • Lucy Davis
    • Nick Frost
    • Dylan Moran
    • Bill Nighy
    • Penelope Wilton
    • Jessica Stevenson
    • Peter Serafinowicz
    • Mark Donovan
    • Krishnan Guru-Murthy
    • Rafe Spall
    • Jeremy Thompson
  • Writers

    • Edgar Wright
    • Simon Pegg


Shaun of the Dead
Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun is a salesman whose life has no direction. His life takes a sudden turn when he has to deal with an entire community of zombies.

1h 39m 22s