Tammy's Always Dying
Tammy's Always Dying

Tammy's Always Dying

14+, L, M
QC: 13+
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Every month, when the welfare money runs out, 35 year-old Catherine has to talk her self-destructive mother off the ledge of the same bridge...literally. This routine has gone on for so long that it’s the only thing Cathy feels she’s good at. And its Tammy’s selfish way of keeping hold of her daughter. When Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer and the possibility of life without her becomes very real, so does Cathy’s repressed desire to leave her small town. Does she stay and trust the woman who has always let her down, or does she find the courage to live her own life?


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Amy Jo Johnson
  • Producers

    • Amy Jo Johnson
    • Jessica Adams
    • Andrew Bell
    • Joannie Burstein
    • Felicity Huffman
  • Cast

    • Felicity Huffman
    • Anastasia Phillips
    • Clark Johnson
    • Lauren Holly
    • Kristian Bruun
    • Jessica Greco
    • Aaron Ashmore
    • Philip Williams
    • Olunike Adeliyi
    • Ali Hassan
  • Writers

    • Amy Jo Johnson
    • Joanne Sarazen


Tammy's Always Dying
Tammy's Always Dying

Tammy's Always Dying

A woman comes to a crossroad when her perpetually troubled mother becomes terminally ill.

1h 27m 18s

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