The Cell
The Cell

The Cell

18+, V, L, S, N, M
QC: 18+
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"The Cell" takes a shocking, riveting mind trip into the dark and dangerous corridors of a serial killer's psyche -- a psyche that holds the key to saving the killer's final, trapped victim who remains alive. Making this journey into the recesses of a killer's nightmarish fantasy world is Catherine Deane, a psychologist who has been experimenting with a radical new therapy. Through a new transcendental science, Catherine can experience what is happening in another person's unconscious mind.
Thriller, Drama, Horror, Fantasy


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Tarsem Singh
  • Cast

    • Jennifer Lopez
    • Vince Vaughn
    • Vincent D'Onofrio
    • Colton James
    • Dylan Baker
    • Marianne Jean-Baptiste
    • Gerry Becker
    • Musetta Vander
    • Patrick Bauchau
    • James Gammon
  • Writer

    • Tarsem Singh


The Cell
The Cell

The Cell

A plane crash leaves a Fed-Ex worker stranded on an island, fighting for survival.

1h 49m 6s