The Song of Names
The Song of Names

The Song of Names

PG, V, L, M
QC: 8+
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Martin Simmonds (Tim Roth) has been haunted throughout his life by the mysterious disappearance of his “brother” and extraordinary best friend, a Polish Jewish virtuoso violinist, Dovidl Rapaport, who vanished shortly before the 1951 London debut concert that would have launched his brilliant career. Thirty-five years later, Martin discovers that Dovidl (Clive Owen) may still be alive, and sets out on an obsessive intercontinental search to find him and learn why he left.
Drama, Mystery, Music, War


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • François Girard
  • Producers

    • Lyse Lafontaine
    • Robert Lantos
  • Cast

    • Tim Roth
    • Clive Owen
    • Catherine McCormack
    • Jonah Hauer-King
    • Gerran Howell
    • Richard Bremmer
    • Amy Sloan
    • Stanley Townsend
    • Magdalena Cielecka
    • Eddie Izzard
    • Marina Hambro
    • Viktoria Kay
    • Misha Handley
    • Luke Doyle
  • Writers

    • Jeffrey Caine
    • Norman Lebrecht
  • Executive Producer

    • Randy Lennox


The Song of Names
The Song of Names

The Song of Names

A violin prodigy disappears on the eve of his first solo concert, an Englishman travels throughout Europe to find him.

1h 53m 14s

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