The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

14+, L, S, N, M
QC: 13+
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AVAILABLE UNTIL JANUARY 31. Abby Richter is a lovelorn TV producer who, despite a long and arduous search for the perfect mate, is hopelessly single. The battle of the sexes heats up when her employers team her up with Mike Chadway, an opinionated TV celebrity who plans to put Abby through the wringer to prove his own theories about what makes men and women tick.
Romance, Comedy


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Robert Luketic
  • Producers

    • Robert Luketic
    • Tom Rosenberg
    • Gary Lucchesi
    • Steven Reuther
    • Kimberly di Bonaventura
    • Deborah Jelin Newmyer
    • Katherine Heigl
    • Nancy Heigl
    • Karen McCullah Lutz
    • Kirsten Smith
    • Ryan Kavanaugh
    • Andre Lamal
    • Eric Reid
  • Cast

    • Katherine Heigl
    • Gerard Butler
    • Eric Winter
    • John Michael Higgins
    • Bree Turner
    • Nick Searcy
    • Kevin Connolly
    • Cheryl Hines
    • Bonnie Somerville
    • Yvette Nicole Brown
    • Nate Corddry
    • Noah Matthews
    • Jesse D. Goins
  • Writers

    • Robert Luketic
    • Nicole Eastman
    • Karen McCullah Lutz
    • Kirsten Smith


The Ugly Truth
The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

Battle of the sexes between an uptight television producer and her misogynistic TV star.

1h 35m 57s