Within These Walls
Within These Walls

Within These Walls

14+, M
QC: 13+
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Single mother Mel has a great life. She lives with her boyfriend, Ben, and her daughter, Brook, in a beautiful house, she has a thriving career, and good friends. But her state of tranquility is disrupted when she and Ben break up. After he moves out, strange things start happening around the house that threaten her safety, her security, and her well-being. As Mel struggles to cope, she begins to wonder if Ben was her protector… or something far more sinister.
Drama, Thriller


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Anne De Léan
  • Producers

    • Ian Whitehead
    • Jean Bureau
  • Cast

    • Jennifer Landon
    • Josh Close
    • Tara Redmond van Rees
    • Steve Lund
    • Carolina Bartczak
    • Vlasta Vrana
    • Nicolas Fontaine
    • Arthur Holden
    • Stephanie Ng Wan
    • Roxanne Boulianne
  • Writer

    • Barbara Kymlicka
  • Executive Producer

    • Jean Bureau


Within These Walls
Within These Walls

Within These Walls

Strange events plague a single mother after she breaks up with her live-in boyfriend.

1h 37m 31s

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