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How do Parental Controls work?

Crave has parental controls that allow you to require a PIN when viewing content rated above the age level set on a profile.  You can set a user's viewing level in their profile. Only a Master Profile (account holder profile) can change a user's permitted viewing level.

To set a PIN on a profile, go to “Manage Account,” under “Profiles” section or through the 'Edit your profile' screen. Click on 'Edit' next to the PIN field to set or change a PIN.

To delete a PIN, click 'Edit' next to the PIN field and select 'No' next to question that asks if you want to protect the profile with a PIN. Then click 'Save'.

The Parental Controls setting will be applicable for your account across devices and platforms that Crave is available on except Apple TV and set-top boxes.

Parental Controls for Apple TV Gen 3 are to be set up at the device level for all applications. Parental Controls set up via the Crave website or other apps will not apply on the Apple TV Gen 3.

Please note that any parental controls settings on your TV provided through your service provider will not apply to the Crave apps or website.