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How many devices can be registered to my account?

Users can register five active devices at a time on their account. 

Users are allowed to register up to 10 devices in a 30 day period.  The 30 days begin the first time a device is registered at video playback.

All devices count towards your allotment except web browsers.

How do I manage my devices?

To manage devices, go to ‘Manage Account’ and select Settings and then ‘Device Management. Click ‘Remove’ to delete a device from your account.

Note: Deleting a device will remove any videos downloaded for offline viewing on that device.

How do I know how many devices I have left?

‘Manage Account’ and select Settings and then ‘Device Management.

At the top of the page you will will how many devices you can register within your current month. It will also indicate when you start a new 30 day period.

What is 'Browser History'?

To review or manage your web browser activity history, go to ‘Manage Account’, select Settings, then ‘Device Management’ and then select the ‘Browser History’ tab at the top of the page. Deleting a history item will not impact the device registration allotment count.