Ratings Information

Content available on Crave includes ratings information which was developed by the Action Group on Violence on Television (AGVOT). Below is a guide to the ratings. 

E – Exempt 
Exempt programming may include some news, sports, documentaries, talk shows and variety programming. 

C – Children 
Programming intended for younger children, under the age of 8. 

C8 – Children over 8 
Children’s programming acceptable for children 8 years and over to view on their own. 

G – General 
Programming intended for all age groups and appropriate for the entire family. 

PG – Parental Guidance 
Programming intended for a general audience but may not be suitable for children (ages 8-13). 

14+ - Over 14 Years 
Programming which may not be suitable for viewers under the age of 14. This programming may include violence, nudity, sexual content, language and mature subject matter. 

18+ - Adults only 
Programming intended for viewers 18 years and older. It will contain some or all of the following content; violence, nudity, explicit sexual content, language and mature subject matter. 

Please note that Crave includes Parental Controls. You can access these in the Account Settings Menu under Parental Controls.

Content available on Crave may also include Content Indicators (noted below). When these are included with a rating, they can help indicate why a particular rating was assigned 

V = Violence 
L = Language 
S = Sex 
N = Nudity 
M = Mature Themes