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  • Starting January 21, 2020, subscribers can have access to 2,500 hours of their favorite series and the hit Hollywood movies like Spider-Man: Far from Home, Godzilla King of the Monsters, and many more.
  • New! Now you can access HBO library tittles including hits like Entourage, The Sopranos, Sex and the City, and hundreds more hours.
  • SUPER ÉCRAN will now be available online with a better experience, a new video player and features like download to go.
  • SÉ GO will be decommissioned on January 21 with subscribers now accessing the SUPER ÉCRAN content on the Crave app with multiples new features.


A: SUPER ÉCRAN is the ultimate destination for hit Hollywood movies as well as HBO, new Showtime series, as well as original and exclusive series, in French. Get access to all the movies and series that air on the live channels and more, whenever you want On Demand, on the Crave app or here at

Q: What do I get with a subscription to SUPER ÉCRAN?

A: More than 2,500 hours of premium television programming, including the latest SHOWTIME and new HBO content and its huge library, SUPER ÉCRAN original series, acclaimed TV series, specials, and more.

Q: How will my subscription change?

A: Nothing on the linear channel is changing and you will now have access to 2,500 hours of content on the VOD (2000 new hours). SÉGO will be decommissioned and new customer experience will be available on in the Crave apps. We always continue to evolve our product for a better customer experience.

Q: What specific content is available with a SUPER ÉCRAN subscription?

A: More than 2,500 hours of premium television programming including:

  • The SHOWTIME Collection, which includes RAY DONOVAN, KIDDING, BILLIONS, THE AFFAIR, HOW TO BECOME A GOD IN CENTRAL FLORIDA, THE CHI.The extensive HBO Collection, featuring HBO’s vast off-air library with classics such as THE SOPRANOS, SEX AND THE CITY, ENTOURAGE, and more, plus select past seasons of HBO hits like GAME OF THRONES, BALLERS, WESTWORLD, and BIG LITTLE LIES.

Q: How can I watch the programming included in my SUPER ÉCRAN subscription?

A: Stream on 4 live channels, On demand on a Set Top box, with the Crave app, or at

Q: How can I subscribe to SUPER ÉCRAN?

A: SUPER ÉCRAN continues to be available through TV service providers.

Q: Can I continue to use SUPER ÉCRAN GO?

A: SUPER ÉCRAN GO is no longer available. You can download the Crave app from the app store and use your TV credentials to log-in to watch on iOS, Android, AppleTV, Xbox One, Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Roku devices and Playstation 4 and 5 devices.

Q: Why can’t I find SUPER ÉCRAN GO on the app store?

A: As of January 21, 2020, SUPER ÉCRAN GO is no longer available and subscribers need to download the Crave app.

Q: I have a SUPER ÉCRAN subscription, what app do I use to watch on the go?

A: There is one Crave app for all subscribers. To download the app, go to your device’s app store, search for Crave, and then download.

How do I ‘Sign In’ in the app or website?  

  1. Click on ‘Sign In’
  2. If you subscribe through your TV service provider, click on ‘Through my TV Provider’
  3. Select your cable company from the list available.
  4. After clicking on your cable provider, enter the same email and password associated with your TV service provider account and click ‘continue’.

Q: How do I find something to watch?

A.    There are many ways to find something to watch on and the app.

  1. Click on one of the options in the main navigation at the top of the site: TV Shows, Movies or On-Air.
  2. Use the search bar at the top of the page by clicking on the magnifying glass. Search results will automatically population below the search bar or you can hit ‘Enter’ and be taken to a full search result page with more options to choose from
  3. You can visit our HBO or Showtime sections of the site.
  4. We’ve curated collections of titles based on a single topic, you can see them on our Collections page

Q: What is available On Demand?

A: All programming airing on the live channels and more are available for streaming on the Crave app and SUPER ÉCRAN On Demand at all times.

Q: Do I have to pay extra get to get SUPER ÉCRAN On Demand?

A: SUPER ÉCRAN On Demand is included with a subscription, there is no extra charge.

Q: How does SUPER ÉCRAN being available direct to consumer impact a subscription with a television provider?

A: There is no change.  

Q: Is the SUPER ÉCRAN direct to consumer product different than a subscription through a television provider?

A: No, the only difference (aside from the billing company) is that subscribing through a television provider provides viewers with the option to access the service via the Set Top Box (where supported).

Q: Can I subscribe only to SUPER ÉCRAN directly-to-consumers?

A: No, to subscribe to SUPER ÉCRAN direct to consumer you will need to get a subscription to Crave first and add SUPER ÉCRAN.  Visit

Q: Can I cancel my SUPER ÉCRAN subscription with a television provider and get Crave AND SUPER ÉCRAN directly?

A: Yes. However, subscribing through a television provider offers viewers the option to access the service through your Set Top Box (where supported).

Q: I currently subscribe to Cinépop, how my subscription will change?

A: Cinépop will stop offering the content on SUPER ÉCRAN GO but nothing on the linear channel is changing and you will continue to access the content On demand.