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Why is the Crave website in French?

Crave has launched the ability to change your user interface to French. It’s a new feature that we have launched in beta mode.

Users can control the language of their user interface in two ways:

1. Change your browser language

   a.  For a French interface, change your browser or computer language to French

   b.  For an English interface, change your browser or computer language to English

2.  Change the language setting in your Profile

   a.  You can use your existing Crave account or a new Crave account to activate your device. Click here to create a new account.

   b.  Launch Crave on your browser.

   c.  Once you are logged in to your account, select the Profile icon on the top right.

   d.  Select Edit Profile.

   e.  Select the edit (pencil) icon beside language.

   f.  Choose your profile language and click Save.

   g.  Select Done.

You can begin enjoying Crave in your new Profile Language.