What should I do if I’m having issues signing in or accessing the sign-in page?

On the web, the sign-in page is available by clicking the “Sign In” button at the top right of the page. In apps, it is accessed through the menu at the top left of the screen. If you continue to experience difficulty accessing the sign-in page, most errors can be cleared by both closing all browser windows or hard-closing the app and then restarting it. 

To hard-close the app on an iOS device, press the Home button twice, then swipe upwards on the app to close it.

  • On Android, use the Android menu button on the bottom of the screen and swipe the app away to close it.
  • On Windows 8.1, press the device back arrow button on the bottom of the screen and swipe the app down to close it. 

For problems signing in, you will need to contact Crave or your TV service provider, depending on how you subscribed to Crave. 

Directly through Crave: 1-888-CRAVE88 (1-888-272-8388) or help@crave.ca

Customers that have subscribed through their service provider and are having sign-in issues will need to contact their provider directly. Go here to find these contacts.