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Why is my Crave promo code not working?

From time to time Crave partners with other brands to bring you special offers. Crave promo codes can be redeemed at and must be redeemed prior to making a Crave account.

Some special offers are valid for customers who had a previous Crave account. To redeem, please log in and add the promo code under Subscriptions in Manage Account.

If your promo code fails to apply the special offer, we recommend you try the following suggestions.

·       Review your special offer for eligibility requirements and check that the code has not expired. Codes cannot be applied after the redeem by date.

·       Double check the promo code is written correctly. Codes have a mix of numbers and letters, make sure to not confuse letters with number, such as “O” and “0” and “1” and “I”.

·       When copying the code directly make sure no extra spaces are included.

·       Promo codes are single use and cannot be used again once redeemed.

·       Make sure your web browser is up to date, try using an alternate browser like Chrome, Firefox etc.

·       Offers are not combinable. If you’re already on a special offer, any additional promo codes cannot be applied to your account.