21 Thunder

21 Thunder

1 Season
14+, V, S
QC: 13+
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Players and coaches from the Montreal Thunder U21 soccer team chase their dreams of achieving stardom in the sport. This docuseries profiles their journeys, as their on-field challenges intersect with their personal lives. There's a shake-up on the team when a legendary women's player joins the Thunder coaching staff. As the season progresses, the players deal with obstacles in their personal relationships while stressing over their upcoming games. Through it all, the players and coaches unite and work together to achieve their common goal of making it to the pros.
Romance, Sports, Drama


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  • Cast

    • R.J. Fetherstonhaugh
    • Emmanuel Kabongo
    • Andres Joseph
    • Kevin Claydon
    • Stephanie Bennett
    • Ryan Pierce
    • Clark Backo
    • Eileen Li