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7 Deadly Sins

7 Deadly Sins

1 Season
QC:  16+
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Twisted and wildly entertaining, 7 Deadly Sins proves that truth really is stranger than fiction. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock presents a modern day interpretation of the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

  • 18+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Violence
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Nudité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Gluttony

    1. Gluttony

    A 700-pound woman with aspirations to be the sexiest - and heaviest - entertainer in the world.

    26m 35s En

  • Envy

    2. Envy

    Men who want to be women so bad - temporarily, anyway - that they turn themselves into living female dolls.

    25m 22s En

  • Lust

    3. Lust

    A handsome young man who prefers ladies three times his age; promoting prostitution - and the minister who practices what he preaches.

    29m 42s En

  • Wrath

    4. Wrath

    Fight club amateurs who pummel each other on a regular basis.

    26m 55s En

  • Pride

    5. Pride

    A place where the dying go to be frozen until the distant future - hoping that unborn doctors can bring them back to life.

    25m 4s En

  • Greed

    6. Greed

    Services that match openly honest gold diggers with available men of means; a pastor who preaches avarice over affection.

    26m 32s En

  • Sloth

    7. Sloth

    A surgically implanted tongue patch that prevents users from tasting food; plus, a high-tech device for masturbating.

    24m 51s En