Almost Naked Animals
Almost Naked Animals

Almost Naked Animals

1 Season
QC: 8+
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Even though the title may suggest otherwise, "Almost Naked Animals" is an animated series geared toward kids. The show's main setting is the Banana Cabana, a seemingly ordinary, run-of-the-mill beachfront hotel. What's not ordinary about the hotel is who (or what) runs it -- animals who are all shaved and wearing underwear. The Banana Cabana's top dog is Howie, who would barely be able to keep things under control without his crew helping him out. That crew includes jittery desk clerk Octo, sugary-sweet activities director Bunny and duck-of-all-trades Duck.
Kids, Animation


Maturity Rating

  • Director

    • Brad Ferguson
  • Producers

    • Tristan Homer
    • Tanya Green
    • Natalie Osborne
  • Cast

    • Robert Tinkler
    • Sean Cullen
    • Howard Jermone
    • Emilie-Claire Barlow
    • David Berni
    • Linda Kash
    • Jamie Watson
  • Writer

    • Hollis Ludlow-Carroll
  • Executive Producers

    • Vince Commisso
    • Steve Jarosz
    • Noah Jones
  • Creator

    • Noah Jones