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American Chopper

American Chopper

2 Seasons
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Paul Teutul and his son Paul Jr. create some of the world's most original custom motorcycles -- in 2 separate shops. Both shops are located a stone's throw from each other in Orange County, N.Y., but sometimes it seems as if father and son are worlds apart.

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  • The Build Is On

    1. The Build Is On

    Senior proposes that he and Junior combine forces to build a bike, but Junior is unsure of how to respond.

    42m 38s

  • Back In Time

    2. Back In Time

    Senior and Junior brainstorm bike styles for their upcoming collaboration and decide to recreate the first bike they ever built together.

    41m 5s

  • Common Ground

    3. Common Ground

    Senior and Junior get to work on their big bike build, which reaps surprising results as the two bond over old memories.

    41m 11s

  • Now Or Never

    4. Now Or Never

    Brought together by a father-son bike build, Junior and Senior begin to open up.

    41m 5s

  • Uncharted Territory

    5. Uncharted Territory

    PJD starts a build for technology company QUBX while OCC assembles and unveils a bike for Wildgame Innovations.

    41m 35s

  • Junior's Surprise

    6. Junior's Surprise

    OCC starts a build for Sturgis, PJD unveils a high-tech bike for QUBX and the Teutuls finish their father-son build.

    42m 3s

  • New Venture

    7. New Venture

    Senior receives a stern, on-air lecture from a late night celebrity.

    41m 35s

  • Full Circle

    8. Full Circle

    Junior visits OCC and brainstorms with Senior about potential future collaborations including creating a production line of bikes.

    41m 34s