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Animal Cops: Phoenix

Animal Cops: Phoenix

1 Season
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A mix of detective work and medical emergency rescues make up the daily grind for investigators and emergency animal medical technicians at the Arizona Humane Society who do their utmost to protect the interests of animals in Phoenix.
Reality, Nature

  • PG
  • Violence


  • Missing Leg Mystery

    1. Missing Leg Mystery

    A dog is tied in a front yard with one of it's legs missing.

    43m 7s

  • Breeding Trouble

    2. Breeding Trouble

    Disease and deformities are uncovered in fifty animals found at the home of a former breeder.

    43m 8s

  • Trailer Park Tragedy

    3. Trailer Park Tragedy

    Two dogs are found tied in a backyard without shade; a dog's embedded collar has exposed it's jugular vein.

    43m 8s

  • Highway Patrol

    4. Highway Patrol

    A dog is found dead and two others severely emaciated and suffering from tick fever.

    43m 7s

  • Born in an Alley

    5. Born in an Alley

    A dog gives birth in an alley and the pups struggle to survive; Tamie Kinsel pleads for the life of an injured bird.

    43m 7s

  • Deadly Diet

    6. Deadly Diet

    An X-ray provides surprising evidence in an investigation of a case involving three starving dogs.

    43m 8s

  • A Tale of Three Tails

    7. A Tale of Three Tails

    A parakeet is rescued.

    43m 5s

  • Hog Tie Horror

    8. Hog Tie Horror

    A dog is rescued after being hog-tied and left to die in a dumpster.

    42m 7s

  • Criminal Intent

    9. Criminal Intent

    An investigator works to save a puppy that someone tried to kill.

    43m 5s

  • Left for Dead

    10. Left for Dead

    Investigator Marlynn Barkley tries to save a dog that has been left for dead by its owners.

    43m 8s

  • Voice for the Victim

    11. Voice for the Victim

    A cat is brought into the shelter with its paws missing.

    43m 7s

  • Harness of Horror

    12. Harness of Horror

    A dog with matted fur and an embedded harness is brought to the shelter.

    43m 6s

  • Mange Misery

    13. Mange Misery

    Investigators confront the owner of six emaciated dogs that have mange.

    43m 7s

  • Fight for Life

    14. Fight for Life

    Officers investigate reports of an illegal dog fight.

    43m 9s

  • Life and Death

    15. Life and Death

    In some cases investigators' intervention makes the difference between life and death.

    43m 8s