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Animal Mechanicals

Animal Mechanicals

3 Seasons
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This cartoon for preschoolers takes two elements young children often find fascinating -- mythical animals and monster trucks -- and combines them to create a different kind of action hero. The mechanicals are comprised of Rex, Unicorn, Komodo, Sasquatch and Mouse, five friends with the power to transform themselves into various shapes, which comes in handy considering the world in which they inhabit is also a "snap-together-take-apart" kind of place. Each episode, the mysterious Island Owl appears to send the team on a specific mission. It doesn't take long for the Animal Mechanicals (and young viewers) to then decide who among them is best suited to tackle each of the many challenges that pop up during their adventures.
Adventure, Kids, Fantasy

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  • Turbo-Bean Trouble

    1. Turbo-Bean Trouble

    Island Owl has asked the AMs to plant a turbo bean.

    11m 30s

  • The Bunny Boomer Island

    2. The Bunny Boomer Island

    The AMs must help the bunnies build a Bunny Boomer and soon music is booming across the island.

    11m 30s

  • Cow Castle Hassle

    3. Cow Castle Hassle

    The AMs have to negotiate a maze to help a cow get to a pasture.

    11m 30s

  • Whale Plane Island

    4. Whale Plane Island

    The AMs have an urgent job; they must extend the runway so a jumbo whale plane can land.

    11m 30s

  • Dino Mountain Island

    5. Dino Mountain Island

    The AMs are sent to Dino Mountain Island to remove a cog from a dino's tooth.

    11m 30s

  • Chickadee Island

    6. Chickadee Island

    Island Owl sends the AMs to Chickadee Island to help Mummur Chickadee's eggs hatch.

    11m 30s

  • Beetle Buggy Island

    7. Beetle Buggy Island

    The AMs go to Beetle Buggy Island to help clear a traffic jam.

    11m 30s

  • Pop-Apart Penguins

    8. Pop-Apart Penguins

    The AMs help the Pop-Apart Penguins who need to extend their igloo for all of the baby penguins.

    11m 31s

  • Jigsaw-Shark Puzzle

    9. Jigsaw-Shark Puzzle

    The jigsaw sharks need help making a giant jigsaw; the AMs join in, and the jigsaw is successful.

    11m 30s

  • Bell Bot Island

    10. Bell Bot Island

    The AMs are asked to help find the two bell bots that make the bells ring.

    11m 30s

  • The Elephant Train Island

    11. The Elephant Train Island

    Falling rocks have blocked the elephant-train tunnel, so the AMs go to the rescue.

    11m 30s

  • Mechana-Pinball Island

    12. Mechana-Pinball Island

    The handle is stuck on the Mechana-Pinball island machine, so the AMs are sent to free it.

    11m 30s

  • Giraffe Crane Island

    13. Giraffe Crane Island

    The guys go to Giraffe Crane Island to get more mechanalogs so construction can continue.

    11m 30s

  • Flying Glitterfish Island

    14. Flying Glitterfish Island

    The Glitterfish get their power from the octopus' power bubbles, but one is missing.

    11m 31s

  • Snail's Pace Race

    15. Snail's Pace Race

    The snails on Racing Snail Island want the AMs to ride them in a race.

    11m 30s

  • Mechana-Bat Island

    16. Mechana-Bat Island

    The AMs visit Mechana-Bat Island to make the bats' cave bigger.

    11m 30s

  • Hippo Hovercraft Island

    17. Hippo Hovercraft Island

    The AMs journey to Hippo Hovercraft Island to replace the hovercraft's bumpers.

    11m 30s

  • Balloon Volcano Island

    18. Balloon Volcano Island

    Hedgehogs are popping balloons that come from the volcano.

    11m 30s

  • Mechana-Dragonfly Island

    19. Mechana-Dragonfly Island

    A crashed dragonfly make repairs so she can fly once more.

    11m 30s

  • Mechana Paint Parrot Island

    20. Mechana Paint Parrot Island

    The Paint Parrots have run out of paint, so they ask the Animal Mechanicals to help them get more.

    11m 31s