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Are You the One?

Are You the One?

8 Seasons
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
In this dating series that uses modern technology to help people find love, 20 single men and women try to find their perfect mates. A dating algorithm is used to help quantify compatibility, using a process that includes in-depth interviews, questionnaires and compatibility testing. That data is used to identify the 10 ideal pairs among the 20 participants. But the results are kept a secret from the singles, who get to know one another socially and undergo weekly tests to try to pick their ideal mates while living together in Hawaii. If the mates they choose do not match that of the data, they must start their search over. If all 20 singles are able to match up with their predetermined partners within 10 attempts, they share the largest cash prize ever awarded by an MTV show and walk away with a potential partner for life.
Reality, Romance

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • You Can't Handle the Truth

    1. You Can't Handle the Truth

    Single women and men live together to find a perfect match.

    41m 1s EnFr

  • The Temptation of Chris T

    2. The Temptation of Chris T

    Chris T. refuses to move on from Shanley; Ryan's journals go missing.

    40m 17s EnFr

  • A Real G

    3. A Real G

    Jacy and Simone fight for John's affections; Brittany and Adam visit the Boom-Boom Room.

    40m 51s EnFr

  • Karma's a Bitch

    4. Karma's a Bitch

    The guys' exes dish dirt; Brittany has trouble understanding that Adam is not interested.

    40m 48s EnFr

  • Double Shot

    5. Double Shot

    Tension reaches a boiling point between John and Simone; Kayla is interested in Wes and Ryan.

    40m 51s EnFr

  • Turn the Paige

    6. Turn the Paige

    The house tries to discern the next couple; Simone tries to break up Chris T. and Shanley.

    41m 25s EnFr

  • It's So Hard... to Say Goodbye

    7. It's So Hard... to Say Goodbye

    Paige and Chris T. enter the Honeymoon Suite; Shanley is upset over the separation.

    41m 21s EnFr

  • Getting Dumped On

    8. Getting Dumped On

    The house turns on Kayla after she reveals sensitive information.

    41m 21s EnFr

  • White Party

    9. White Party

    The house lets loose at a party; John must accept Jacy's feelings for Scali.

    41m 21s EnFr

  • Rub Down With a Happy Ending

    10. Rub Down With a Happy Ending

    Jacy confronts her feelings for Scali and John; the house tries to solve the last love triangle.

    41m 31s EnFr

  • Reunion

    11. Reunion

    Cast members gather to discuss the events from Hawaii.

    41m 30s EnFr