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7 Seasons
QC:  16+
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Arliss Michaels is the super athlete's super-agent, wheeling and dealing in the higher echelons of the sports world - an arena filled with glamour, hypocrisy and money. The sports agent extraordinaire is not above misbehaving as outrageously as his superstar clients in an effort to get what he wants when he wants it. Most episodes include celebrity cameos, usually people well-known in the sports industry.
Comedy, Sports

  • 18+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Nudité
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  • A Man of Our Times

    1. A Man of Our Times

    Arliss recalls memorable moments from his demanding career as a sports agent.

    27m 8s En

  • Negotiating: It's Never Personal

    2. Negotiating: It's Never Personal

    Arliss intervenes in a young hoopster's contract negotiations.

    24m 34s En

  • How to Turn a Minus Into a Plus

    3. How to Turn a Minus Into a Plus

    Arliss stages a boxing match, which doesn't come off as planned.

    23m 13s En

  • Athletes ARE Role Models

    4. Athletes ARE Role Models

    A major endorsement deal is threatened when a quarterback's wholesome image is soiled by a sex scandal.

    25m 54s En

  • What About the Fans

    5. What About the Fans

    Arliss looks to score when a professional hockey team plans to leave Los Angeles.

    24m 7s En

  • The Company You Keep

    6. The Company You Keep

    Arliss gets a $54 million offer for the agency; with Alex Karras; Barry Bonds.

    23m 42s En

  • Crossing the Line

    7. Crossing the Line

    Arliss manages a low-ranked woman tennis player; with Alonzo Mourning; John McEnroe; Tracy Austin.

    27m 12s En

  • Colors of the Rainbow

    8. Colors of the Rainbow

    Arliss makes comments construed as racist; with Charley Steiner; Roy Firestone; Fred Williamson.

    22m 58s En

  • Timing Is Everything

    9. Timing Is Everything

    Arliss nets nothing but trouble when he launches a league for indoor beach volleyball.

    25m 32s En

  • The Client's Best Interest

    10. The Client's Best Interest

    Arliss uses his sports knowledge to create the perfect team in a fantasy baseball league.

    28m 25s En

  • The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    11. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    Arliss gets a job for a washed-up ballplayer at a home-shopping network. With Ken Howard and Dick Stockton.

    27m 13s En

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