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Bering Sea Gold

Bering Sea Gold

4 Seasons
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In the frontier town of Nome, Alaska, there’s a gold rush on. But the precious metal isn’t found in the ground - it’s sitting in the most unlikely of places: the bottom of the frigid, unpredictable Bering Sea.

  • PG
  • Violence
  • Language


  • Paydirt

    1. Paydirt

    Meet the dredgers, driven by gold fever and sometimes desperate need, who try to suck up gold from the bottom of the frigid Bering Sea.

    42m 33s

  • One Bad Deal

    2. One Bad Deal

    A bar brawl threatens Shawn's health and the Christine Rose's future; the Wild Ranger is down a man and has sprung a leak.

    42m 33s

  • Suction

    3. Suction

    Storms brew on board the dredges as egos clash and tempers flare; Emily's first dive is almost her last.

    42m 33s

  • A Viking Funeral

    4. A Viking Funeral

    Tensions run high as the dredgers search for new sweet spots; an accident with the 15-ton excavator threatens to end a deckhand's season.

    42m 33s

  • Captaincy

    5. Captaincy

    A season of simmering grievances comes to a boil; Wild Ranger owner Vern fires one of his crew; Zeke’s patience is tested.

    42m 33s

  • Eureka

    6. Eureka

    Crews have a car accident on the way home from R&R; a winch roller gives way, releasing a cable that sends Cody overboard.

    43m 34s

  • Bad Vibrations

    7. Bad Vibrations

    The dredging season is quickly coming to an end and so are once trusted relationships between Zeke and Emily as well as Scott F and Ian.

    43m 34s

  • The Bitter End

    8. The Bitter End

    Short-staffed crews try to go out once more before the ice blocks them in; crews face off at an auction for next year's dredging grounds.

    42m 32s