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Best of W5

Best of W5

1 Season
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Canada’s longest-running, most watched current affairs program digs into its archives to let viewers see stories going right back to its first season in 1966.
Documentary, News

  • PG


  • Hugh Hefner

    1. Hugh Hefner

    Playboy founder Hugh Hefner talks about sex and morals.

    5m 19s

  • Robert Kennedy

    2. Robert Kennedy

    Anti-Vietnam war protests and an interview with Robert Kennedy.

    12m 18s

  • Muhammed Ali

    3. Muhammed Ali

    Boxing champ Muhammed Ali and his fight for African Americans.

    10m 26s

  • Marshall McLuhan

    4. Marshall McLuhan

    Media guru Marshall McLuhan on media, advertising and news.

    25m 31s

  • John Lennon

    5. John Lennon

    John Lennon gives an interview during the Give Peace a Chance tour.

    7m 8s

  • Abortion

    6. Abortion

    W5 films an abortion at a time when the procedure was illegal.

    14m 34s

  • The FLQ Crisis

    7. The FLQ Crisis

    Compilation of W5's reporting about the October 1970 FLQ crisis.

    39m 46s

  • Margaret

    8. Margaret

    Margaret Trudeau reveals her despair and emotional problems while she is the wife of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

    37m 38s

  • When Daddy's a Woman

    9. When Daddy's a Woman

    Exploring families and gay relationships years before it became mainstream.

    7m 3s

  • House on Sussex Drive

    10. House on Sussex Drive

    At home with Pierre Trudeau, also featuring a young Justin Trudeau.

    20m 42s

  • New Zealand

    11. New Zealand

    A profile of how New Zealand was handling its debt crisis in 1993.

    42m 42s

  • Margaret's Pilgrimage

    12. Margaret's Pilgrimage

    Margaret Trudeau's work to provide clean water for the poorest.

    43m 29s

  • Flight Into Darkness

    13. Flight Into Darkness

    Daring rescue at the South Pole during the dead of winter.

    39m 51s

  • Justin

    14. Justin

    Justin Trudeau's campaign for avalanche safety has its roots in personal tragedy.

    41m 39s

  • Liberation Treatment

    15. Liberation Treatment

    W5 reveals a controversial procedure to treat multiple sclerosis.

    22m 8s

  • Leave It To Bieber

    16. Leave It To Bieber

    Justin Bieber profiled during his early music career - from busking to stardom.

    21m 52s

  • Liberation War

    17. Liberation War

    Follow-up to W5's investigation of controversial MS treatment.

    22m 37s

  • Fame & Famine

    18. Fame & Famine

    Rapper K'naan gives back to Somalia, a country he fled to come to Canada.

    42m 26s

  • Annette's Story

    19. Annette's Story

    Annette Funicello's struggle with multiple sclerosis.

    22m 14s

  • The Throwaway Children

    20. The Throwaway Children

    W5 investigates horrors at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children.

    43m 10s

  • People's Choice

    21. People's Choice

    The history of Canada's maple leaf flag.

    29m 30s

  • Trudeau II

    22. Trudeau II

    Justin Trudeau on his family, life and beliefs a year before he became prime minister.

    43m 34s

  • W5's 50th Anniversary Special

    23. W5's 50th Anniversary Special

    W5's 50th anniversary special looks back at five decades of journalism.

    45m 28s

  • In Their Footsteps

    24. In Their Footsteps

    A new generation visits the Nazi death camps so we might never forget.

    43m 8s

  • 48 Hours

    25. 48 Hours

    48 hours at ground zero of the opioid epidemic.

    44m 16s