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Big Rig Warriors

Big Rig Warriors

1 Season
QC:  G
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Five truckers embark on a quest, amid exhaust, roaring engines and burning tires, to be crowned the fastest big truck racer.
Car, Reality

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  • Cats Will Drag

    1. Cats Will Drag

    A crew of big rig drivers heads to Michigan for the first drag race of the season.

    21m 27s Fr

  • Chapter of Accidents

    2. Chapter of Accidents

    The racers head to Las Vegas for the first oval race of the season.

    21m 42s Fr

  • Over the Hill

    3. Over the Hill

    In St. Felix, Quebec, racer Jacquette Lafleur faces a new crop of young racers.

    21m 57s Fr

  • Two Smoking Barrels

    4. Two Smoking Barrels

    Team Lucky 13's young drivers step up when Ripper Riplinger deals with mechanical problems.

    21m 47s Fr

  • No Bed of Roses

    5. No Bed of Roses

    Jacques arrives in Notre Dame for the biggest race of the year; a driver hopes to find glory.

    21m 52s Fr

  • Halfway Thru Hell

    6. Halfway Thru Hell

    Team Lucky 13 hopes for success in Idaho; Ashley runs into some trouble on the track.

    21m 47s Fr

  • Pumpkin's Gotta Give

    7. Pumpkin's Gotta Give

    In the final drag race of the season, Team Super Dog faces fuel-line woes.

    21m 52s Fr

  • Put Up or Shut Up

    8. Put Up or Shut Up

    Team Lucky goes after a one-two-three finish; Ashley struggles to find confidence.

    21m 57s Fr

  • Can Old School Rule?

    9. Can Old School Rule?

    Jacques fights through the pain; Isaac hopes to dethrone the current record-holder.

    21m 57s Fr

  • Go Hard or Go Home

    10. Go Hard or Go Home

    Teams compete for the championship in the final oval race.

    21m 57s Fr

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(French) Big Rig Warriors Trailer

(French) Big Rig Warriors Trailer

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