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Big Time in Hollywood, FL

Big Time in Hollywood, FL

1 Season
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
Follow two delusional brothers, who are self-proclaimed film makers, as they are kicked out of their parent's house and end up on an epic cinematic journey.

  • 14+

  • QC: 13+


  • Severance

    1. Severance

    Aspiring filmmaker brothers Ben and Jack learn their parents plan to kick them out, and concoct a scheme to scam them.

    21m 18s En

  • Intervention

    2. Intervention

    The police question Ben, Jack and their best friend, Del; Diana and Alan stage a drug intervention for Ben.

    21m 16s En

  • Rehabilitation

    3. Rehabilitation

    Ben adjusts to life in rehab, Jack gets used to living in his new apartment, Diana hires a P.I. to follow Del.

    21m 17s En

  • To Catch A Paparazzi

    4. To Catch A Paparazzi

    Jack and Ben reunite in rehab, encounter Cuba Gooding Jr., and scheme to get him involved in their film projects.

    21m 16s En

  • A Night In

    5. A Night In

    The boys are threatened at gunpoint, and an unexpected turn of events leaves them tasked with unforeseen challenges.

    21m 15s En

  • Separate But Equal

    6. Separate But Equal

    Ben returns home and tries to get his life together while Jack continues working on his films.

    21m 15s En

  • What Dreams May Come

    7. What Dreams May Come

    Ben and Jack reunite with Cuba Gooding Jr., who has an exciting proposition for them.

    21m 18s En

  • Monkey Largo

    8. Monkey Largo

    Ben and Jack begin production on their film, Del faces looming danger on set, Diana and Alan continue couples therapy.

    21m 20s En

  • The Hand That Feeds

    9. The Hand That Feeds

    Hoping to flee the country, Cuba Gooding Jr. enlists the help of his friend Jason Alexander.

    21m 20s En

  • Art Imitates Death

    10. Art Imitates Death

    Tensions run high as everything comes to a head on the set of Ben and Jack's film.

    21m 17s En