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3 Seasons
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Based on the best-selling novels by Kelley Armstrong, Bitten is an emotionally charged thriller that follows reluctant heroine Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, who is forced to take on harsh responsibilities, in a male dominated world.
Fantasy, Drama

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes


  • Bad Blood

    1. Bad Blood

    Elena and The Pack are on the hunt for Malcolm; Jeremy receives an ultimatum from the Council of Alphas that challenges his leadership.

    44m 15s

  • Scare Tactics

    2. Scare Tactics

    Clay investigates a mysterious symbol that may be related to witchcraft while the rest of The Pack interrogates a captive Malcolm.

    44m 45s

  • Hell's Teeth

    3. Hell's Teeth

    When a new threat proves to be more powerful than anticipated, both The Pack and Coven suffer heavy losses in the confrontation.

    44m 42s

  • Dead Meat

    4. Dead Meat

    Elena awakens to find herself the subject of painful tests in a hidden compound run by a maniacal and powerful cult leader.

    44m 59s

  • Rabbit Hole

    5. Rabbit Hole

    In order to stay alive, Elena must guide Dr. Bauer through her first change as The Pack and Coven try to figure out who Aleister is.

    45m 0s

  • Nine Circles

    6. Nine Circles

    Aleister casts a mind-bending spell on Elena, forcing her into a battle against her own dark fears and demons.

    42m 45s

  • Bad Dreams

    7. Bad Dreams

    The Pack has things under control when the Council of Alphas reassembles at Stonehaven until a surprise visit upends their plans.

    44m 48s

  • Dark Arts

    8. Dark Arts

    Having possessed Clay’s body, Aleister returns to Stonehaven where he creates ideal conditions to abduct Savannah.

    43m 38s

  • Scavenger's Daughter

    9. Scavenger's Daughter

    With Aleister’s Undoing spell underway, Elena, Clay, Paige and Nick try to find him only to discover his sinister endgame for Savannah.

    44m 58s

  • Fine Temporum

    10. Fine Temporum

    Elena & The Pack storm the Delphi building to save Savannah, the witches & the werewolves in a final showdown against Aleister and Clara.

    43m 27s