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Black Market: Dispatches

Black Market: Dispatches

1 Season
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Around the world, there are many criminal operations where illegal goods, services and other contraband move across borders. In "Black Market: Dispatches," actor Michael K. Williams -- who played a criminal mastermind in the HBO drama "The Wire" -- embeds himself within groups that are involved in some of these black-market activities in an attempt to show people what really happens in the criminal enterprises. Over the course of the series, viewers are introduced to the likes of darknet drug dealers and counterfeiters as the show explores the politics and motivations behind the hidden operations.

  • 18+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Mature Themes


  • The Tunnels of Gaza

    1. The Tunnels of Gaza

    Gaza's underground lifeline is under threat from above.

    23m 11s

  • Kamikaze Gas Smugglers

    2. Kamikaze Gas Smugglers

    Smugglers known as kamikazes haul cheap gas from Venezuela into Colombia.

    23m 30s

  • Dark Web

    3. Dark Web

    A secret part of the internet is revolutionizing drug dealing.

    23m 3s

  • Syrian Refugee Girls

    4. Syrian Refugee Girls

    Under the guise of religion, refugees are being trafficked into the sex trade.

    23m 24s

  • Poaching Pangolin

    5. Poaching Pangolin

    The most trafficked mammal may go extinct before most people know what it is.

    23m 14s

  • Sugar Babies

    6. Sugar Babies

    A new kind of dating is changing the rules of prostitution and romance.

    23m 36s

  • Cheap Whites

    7. Cheap Whites

    Ukraine's citizens rely on smuggling contaminated cigarettes into the EU.

    23m 18s

  • Crime Towers

    8. Crime Towers

    London's public housing has become ground zero for all manner of illegal business.

    23m 29s

  • Vietnam's Transgender Underground

    9. Vietnam's Transgender Underground

    Discrimination has led Vietnam's trans community into seeking illegal treatments.

    23m 9s

  • Underground Fighting

    10. Underground Fighting

    Young Japanese gangs are using underground fighting to break away from the Yakuza.

    23m 18s