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Bong Appétit

Bong Appétit

2 Seasons
QC:  16+
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Putting marijuana into food isn't limited to just college students and brownies anymore, as notable chefs are now preparing high-end cannabis-infused delicacies. Host Abdullah Saeed is at the center of the action on this series. He throws parties with the chefs, who prepare elaborate multicourse meals featuring food infused with marijuana for the party guests. The chefs prepare their meals in a kitchen that is stocked with what Viceland says is "the biggest selection of marijuana ingredients ever assembled."
Food, Documentary, Cooking

  • 18+
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  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 16+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Molecular Marijuana

    1. Molecular Marijuana

    Chef Marcel Vigneron makes a cannabis-infused meal using molecular gastronomy.

    22m 21s En

  • Hazy Holiday Dinner

    2. Hazy Holiday Dinner

    A weed holiday party with an infused dinner, popcorn tin, and Christmas blunts.

    22m 27s En

  • Fiesta del Fuego

    3. Fiesta del Fuego

    Chef Wes Avila makes weed tacos for a fiesta with a cannabis-filled pinata.

    22m 27s En

  • Baked Bedouin Birthday

    4. Baked Bedouin Birthday

    Chef Deb Mikhail roasts weed-stuffed chickens over an open flame. Ras G performs.

    22m 28s En

  • Tour de Terpenes

    5. Tour de Terpenes

    Chef Taylor Persh makes cannabis-infused steak tartare and creampuffs.

    22m 26s En

  • Marijuana Murder Mystery

    6. Marijuana Murder Mystery

    Abdullah throws a cannabis-infused murder mystery dinner party.

    22m 26s En

  • Kimchi + Kush

    7. Kimchi + Kush

    Chef Deuki Hong prepares classic Korean dishes infused with cannabis.

    22m 26s En

  • Ganja Grandma

    8. Ganja Grandma

    Ganja grandma Nonna Marijuana prepares a cannabis meal full of classic infusions.

    22m 27s En

  • Filipino Flower Feast

    9. Filipino Flower Feast

    Chef Miguel Trinidad cooks a cannabis-infused Filipino feast.

    22m 26s En

  • Smoking Sativa S'mores

    10. Smoking Sativa S'mores

    The crew camps out in Joshua Tree for an outdoor infused feast.

    22m 26s En