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Broad City

Broad City

5 Seasons
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
Broad City follows two twenty-something women throughout their daily lives in New York City, making the smallest and mundane events hysterical and disturbing to watch all at the same time.

  • 14+
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • What A Wonderful World

    1. What A Wonderful World

    Ilana finds out about a secret Lil Wayne concert so her and Abbi hustle their way through NYC to scrape together enough money for tickets.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • P*$$Y Weed

    2. P*$$Y Weed

    Abbi wants to buy her own marijuana; Ilana is finally tackling taxes by herself.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • Working Girls

    3. Working Girls

    Ilana takes on a new job. Abbi regrets staying home to receive a package for a neighbor she has a crush on.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • The Lockout

    4. The Lockout

    After Abbi bug bombs her apartment, and Ilana misplaces her keys, the girls are forced to face life on the streets and all this happens...

    20m 45s EnFr

  • Fattest Asses

    5. Fattest Asses

    Abbi decides she's too nice so she tries to be the opposite; Abbi and Ilana attend a high-end party and meet some adventurous DJs.

    21m 9s EnFr

  • Stolen Phone

    6. Stolen Phone

    After trying to find men on Facebook, Abbi and Ilana decide to meet some guys in real life.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • Hurricane Wanda

    7. Hurricane Wanda

    Abbi and Ilana have to deal with a storm and unwanted guests.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • Destination: Wedding

    8. Destination: Wedding

    A trip to a wedding ends with disastrous results.

    20m 44s EnFr

  • Apartment Hunters

    9. Apartment Hunters

    Abbi decides to look for a new apartment.

    21m 15s EnFr

  • The Last Supper

    10. The Last Supper

    The girls go to a fancy restaurant for Abbi's birthday.

    21m 16s EnFr

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Broad City Season 5 Trailer

Broad City Season 5 Trailer

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