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Camp Lakebottom

Camp Lakebottom

1 Season
QC:  8+
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Preteen prankster McGee is planning on having an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles but, when his bus takes a wrong turn, he ends up at run-down, spooky Camp Lakebottom. McGee quickly discovers that Lakebottom isn't a typical camp -- it's the best camp ever! It's the best camp ever as long as you enjoy surfing "killer" waves, eating french "flies," and having monsters as counselors. That stuff is at the top of every camper's wish list, right? McGee and pals Gretchen and Squirt must do whatever it takes to protect the camp from his nemesis from Camp Sunny Smiles across the lake.
Animation, Comedy, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • Escape From Lakebottom

    1. Escape From Lakebottom

    McGee, Gretchen and Squirt arrive at Camp Lakebottom to find themselves held captive by a hungry zombie and a raging Sasquatch.

    11m 34s En

  • Rise of the Bottom Dwellers

    2. Rise of the Bottom Dwellers

    McGee and Buttsquat compete to see whose camp is best but a race up Mt. Fittoblow triggers a volcano that could wipe out Lakebottom.

    11m 34s En

  • Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch

    3. Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch

    When Squirt’s stinky underwear is washed in toxic cleanser, the gitch comes alive and leads the rest of the laundry on a campaign of terror.

    11m 34s En

  • Mindsuckers From the Depths

    4. Mindsuckers From the Depths

    A huge, evil leech attaches itself to Squirt’s skull and turns him into Evil Squirt.

    11m 34s En

  • Jaws of Old Toothy

    5. Jaws of Old Toothy

    When Sawyer closes the beach because of a giant, raging fish, McGee vows to rid the lake of “Old Toothy”.

    11m 34s En

  • Arachnattack

    6. Arachnattack

    Despite Rosebud’s ban on pets, Squirt brings home a baby.

    11m 34s En

  • Cluck of the Were-Chicken

    7. Cluck of the Were-Chicken

    When a hulking were-chicken stalks the camp, McGee must lead the hunt to prove his innocence.

    11m 34s En

  • Gnome Force

    8. Gnome Force

    Buttsquat gnome-knaps one of Rosebud’s garden gnomes.

    11m 34s En

  • Stage Fright

    9. Stage Fright

    The Bottom Dwellers stage Armand’s awful play but a jealous Suzi unleashes an evil curse on the production.

    11m 34s En

  • Frankenfixer

    10. Frankenfixer

    McGee and the kids decide to help Sawyer out with his To Do list and end up finishing off the zombie’s Frankenstein monster.

    11m 34s En

  • Cheeks of Dread

    11. Cheeks of Dread

    Gretchen must confront her greatest and cutest fear when the Bottom Dwellers are trapped on Screech Island with a camper eating chipmunk.

    11m 34s En

  • Doo Doo Doomsday

    12. Doo Doo Doomsday

    McGee’s eagerness for presents almost destroys the biggest monster holiday of the year – Doo Doo Day.

    11m 34s En

  • Marshmallow Madness

    13. Marshmallow Madness

    Armand goes into a feeding frenzy when wild marshmallows give the campers a rash that puffs them up and makes them look like tasty treats.

    11m 34s En

  • 28 Suzi's Later

    14. 28 Suzi's Later

    McGee and the Bottom Dwellers are hopelessly outnumbered when Suzi moves to Camp Lakebottom.

    11m 34s En

  • Pranks for Nothing

    15. Pranks for Nothing

    Eager to regain his lost prank mojo, McGee releases a mischievous pixy named Hanky Pranky.

    11m 34s En

  • Zombie Dearest

    16. Zombie Dearest

    McGee gets involved in Sawyer’s family troubles when he secretly invites Sawyer’s estranged mom for a visit.

    11m 34s En

  • Terror From the Toybox

    17. Terror From the Toybox

    Buttsquat’s Teddy Bear washes up at Camp Lakebottom and hypnotizes the Bottom Dwellers into a fight to the death for his cuddly love.

    11m 34s En

  • Slimeball Run

    18. Slimeball Run

    Eager to win Buttsquat’s awesome new racer, McGee challenges him to cross-Lakebottom race.

    11m 34s En

  • Bite of the Buttsquat

    19. Bite of the Buttsquat

    No one believes McGee’s suspicion that the suddenly ultra-cool Buttsquat is a campyre until, one by one; they are turned into campyres too!

    11m 34s En

  • Sword of Ittibiticus

    20. Sword of Ittibiticus

    During a heat wave, McGee and the gang bring back a glacier and find a tiny, frozen minotaur warrior named Ittybitticus embedded inside.

    11m 34s En

  • It’s a Headless Horse, Man

    21. It’s a Headless Horse, Man

    McGee is thrilled when he wins a mounted horse head.

    11m 34s En

  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep

    22. Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep

    McGee, Gretchen and Squirt discover another camp under the lake, along with fishy versions of themselves: McGill, Gretchfish and Spout.

    11m 34s En

  • Pirate of Ickygloomy

    23. Pirate of Ickygloomy

    While playing Pirates on a shipwreck the Bottom Dwellers must battle the ghost Spitbeard the Pirate, who is determined to win back his ship.

    11m 34s En

  • Attack of the 50-Foot Squirt

    24. Attack of the 50-Foot Squirt

    When a rare meatball blossom causes Squirt to grow into a giant, Buttsquat uses him to attack camp Lakebottom.

    11m 34s En

  • Bloody Marty

    25. Bloody Marty

    The kids ignore Rosebuds warning and summon Bloody Marty from the ominous mirror world.

    11m 34s En

  • Ghost in the Mower

    26. Ghost in the Mower

    The Bottom Dwellers summon a ghostly Groundskeeper to help take care of their overgrown soccer field.

    11m 34s En

  • Trouble in Spit Creek

    27. Trouble in Spit Creek

    During a game of Stink Toss, McGee and Buttsquat get lost in the forest for what feels like days!

    11m 34s En

  • The Spy Who Quatched Me

    28. The Spy Who Quatched Me

    The Bottom Dwellers discover that Armand was once a secret agent when they visit his old hideaway at the top of a mountain.

    11m 33s En

  • Ants in our Camp

    29. Ants in our Camp

    McGee mistakenly concocts a spray that shrinks the campers to a microscopic size.

    11m 34s En

  • Fanboy Freakout

    30. Fanboy Freakout

    McGee, desperate to win a hovercraft, enters a photo of Armand into a Sasquatch photo contest.

    11m 34s En

  • Are You My Mummy?

    31. Are You My Mummy?

    The Campers and Buttsquat come across an ancient pyramid inhabited by mummy’s!

    11m 34s En

  • Slimey Come Home

    32. Slimey Come Home

    Something big is lurking in Lake Ickygloomy and causing trouble for Buttssquat.

    11m 34s En

  • McGee the Mermaid

    33. McGee the Mermaid

    The kids accidentally resurrect an evil mermaid who floods the camp in her first step to world domination.

    11m 34s En

  • Welcome To Buttcon

    34. Welcome To Buttcon

    Buttsquat is holding the first ever Sunny Smilers only comic-con.

    11m 34s En

  • The Superfantastic Mega-Buds

    35. The Superfantastic Mega-Buds

    After touching a glowing orb from outer space, McGee, Gretchen and Squirt get super fantastic mega powers!

    11m 34s En

  • It Came From my Nose

    36. It Came From my Nose

    McGee is sick and confined to his bed. Disobeying Monster’s orders, he ventures outside to play.

    11m 34s En

  • High Plains Garbage Eater

    37. High Plains Garbage Eater

    It’s Western Week at camp and the gang finds themselves in the middle of a good ol’ fashioned show down with mutant raccoons, over garbage!

    11m 34s En

  • Dream a Little Scream

    38. Dream a Little Scream

    The Monsters tuck the Campers in to bed and warn them of the Dream Weevil.

    11m 34s En

  • McGee.T

    39. McGee.T

    McGee befriends a frog-like alien creature that crash lands close by Camp Lakebottom.

    11m 34s En

  • The Great Tiki Hunt

    40. The Great Tiki Hunt

    McGee and the gang find an old Tiki Idol that comes to life after McGee plays its bongo drums.

    11m 34s En

  • Camp Plantbottom

    41. Camp Plantbottom

    It’s Suzi’s birthday and McGee ate her gift!

    11m 34s En

  • Game Over

    42. Game Over

    The Monsters build an arcade game for the Campers based on Camp Lakebottom, called Camp Pixelbottom.

    11m 34s En

  • Clockwork Slime

    43. Clockwork Slime

    The Campers find a time travelling clock on the beach and use it to take a trip through Camp Lakebottom’s past and future.

    11m 34s En

  • Ride the Hunated Howler

    44. Ride the Hunated Howler

    The Bottom Dwellers come across a haunted cabin ride in the middle of the forest and hop on.

    11m 34s En

  • Buttastic Journey

    45. Buttastic Journey

    McGee is shrunk down to the size of an atom and accidently get’s slurped up by Buttsquat through his smoothie!

    11m 34s En

  • Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu

    46. Monkey See, Monkey Kung Fu

    Gretchen loses her Kung Fu Chi and it’s all McGee’s fault.

    11m 34s En

  • Red Drawn

    47. Red Drawn

    A travelling salesman visits Lakebottom one boring rainy day and sells McGee a magic pencil.

    11m 34s En

  • Pandora's Jock

    48. Pandora's Jock

    Looking to beat his rivals at the first ever Ickygloomy Slopstical Course Race.

    11m 34s En

  • Ring Around the Gretchen

    49. Ring Around the Gretchen

    In an effort to enter the Camp Sunny Smiles beauty pageant Gretchen looks to connect with her girly side.

    11m 34s En

  • Chilli Con Carnage

    50. Chilli Con Carnage

    McGee and Buttsquat battle over who can make the best chili.

    11m 34s En

  • Valley of the Iguanasquat

    51. Valley of the Iguanasquat

    When the campers discover a prehistoric valley near Stinky Pits they also find a cursed gem that has the power to devolve living things.

    11m 34s En

  • Legend of Wiggly’s Gold

    52. Legend of Wiggly’s Gold

    A fake treasure hunt between the camps takes a real and dangerous turn when the campers find themselves trapped in a cave.

    11m 34s En