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Canada's Worst Driver

Canada's Worst Driver

8 Seasons
QC:  G
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Candidates nominated by friends and family go to the Drivers' Rehabilitation Center and are taken through various tests. The tests include braking, nighttime driving, country driving, and cornering, among other things.
Automobile, Reality

  • G

  • QC: G


  • It All Begins Now ...

    1. It All Begins Now ...

    Eight of the most appalling drivers from across the nation make their way to the Rehabilitation Centre; drivers demonstrate their basic...

    45m 13s Fr

  • Look Here. Look There.

    2. Look Here. Look There.

    Drivers attempt to drive the elevated rails, complete a clean run in reverse, and demonstrate the proper method of checking their blind...

    44m 59s Fr

  • Threading The Needle ...

    3. Threading The Needle ...

    Drivers use their side mirrors to reverse around a long turn figure-eight course in a stretch limousine, attempt the Trough Challenge,...

    45m 13s Fr

  • Look Out!

    4. Look Out!

    The remaining six drivers parallel park a Chevrolet Caprice, test their pedal control in the Teeter Totter Challenge, and attempt the...

    45m 13s Fr

  • All Wet!

    5. All Wet!

    The remaining drivers tackle the Longest Reverse in the World Challenge, the Water Tank Challenge, and drive in circles for the Reverse...

    45m 13s Fr

  • No Parking

    6. No Parking

    Drivers try to find a parking spot, attempt to reverse a trailer into a garage, and take the J-Turn Challenge.

    45m 13s Fr

  • Ice, Ice Maybe

    7. Ice, Ice Maybe

    The remaining drivers test their awareness of space in tight corners, learn their limits in the slalom course, and attempt Rehab's most...

    45m 28s Fr

  • Drum Roll Please ...

    8. Drum Roll Please ...

    The final three drivers take everything they have learned and tackle the MEGA Challenge, then complete the final city drive; the expert...

    45m 3s Fr