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Car Fix

Car Fix

1 Season
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Car experts modify, repair and customize cars.
Science & Technology

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  • Custom Diffuser

    1. Custom Diffuser

    Chevy Corvette Z06; creating a new look with a custom exhaust and rear diffuser.

    18m 56s

  • Fox Body Mustang

    2. Fox Body Mustang

    Jared and Lou modify a 1989 Fox Body Mustang GT in the hope of making it a faster racing vehicle.

    19m 56s

  • Work Truck Reborn

    3. Work Truck Reborn

    A 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 work truck gets fixed up and accessorized.

    20m 16s

  • The Long and Short of It

    4. The Long and Short of It

    Lou brings new life to an old truck by converting a long bed Chevy C10 truck into a short bed.

    22m 2s

  • Gettin' Low

    5. Gettin' Low

    The Chevy C10 short bed gets a lowered custom suspension; Lou and Jared look over a '37 Ford.

    21m 7s

  • Indy Pace Camino

    6. Indy Pace Camino

    Lou and Jared turn an outdated Chevrolet El Camino into a 1980s-style Indy pace car.

    21m 25s

  • Samurai Power

    7. Samurai Power

    The swapping of a Suzuki Samurai's engine proves to be a simple task.

    20m 48s

  • Project 37

    8. Project 37

    Building up the chassis of the '37 Ford; fitting the body.

    21m 16s

  • Nothing Rides Like a Deere

    9. Nothing Rides Like a Deere

    The men need help from an expert when they try to get an old tractor running again.

    21m 24s

  • The Collector

    10. The Collector

    Renewing the interior of a 1957 Chevy Tri 5; a private collector's cars inspire Jared and Lou.

    20m 9s

  • Yard Find

    11. Yard Find

    Lou and Jared attempt to restore life to a long-neglected 1981 Corvette.

    20m 56s

  • Sleeper Mustang

    12. Sleeper Mustang

    Adding a nitrous intake and exhaust to a six-cylinder 2006 Mustang.

    20m 56s

  • Chevy Project

    13. Chevy Project

    Lou and Jared hope to restore the 1957 Chevy Tri 5's interior to its original condition.

    21m 17s