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2 Seasons
QC:  13+
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  • CRAVE ( En, Fr )
  • SUPER ÉCRAN ( Fr )
After his mother's death, teenage fugitive Ben Hawkins is picked up by a mysterious traveling carnival and reconnects with his long-dormant supernatural powers.
Fantasy, Drama

  • 14+
  • Violence
  • Language
  • Sex
  • Nudity
  • Mature Themes

  • QC: 13+
  • Violence
  • Langage vulgaire
  • Sexualité
  • Nudité
  • Thèmes pour adultes


  • Milfay

    1. Milfay

    A preacher receives a sign that awakens him to the possibility of mysterious powers.

    57m 39s EnFr

  • After the Ball Is Over

    2. After the Ball Is Over

    A practical joke leads Ben to a piece of the puzzle that is his past.

    56m 26s EnFr

  • Tipton

    3. Tipton

    Brother Justin's promise to the migrants upsets his regular congregation.

    49m 43s EnFr

  • Black Blizzard

    4. Black Blizzard

    The carnies face Mother Nature's fury on the road to Babylon, Texas; a seer tests Ben's powers.

    46m 44s EnFr

  • Babylon

    5. Babylon

    Samson tries to raise morale by treating the troupe to a night out at a bar.

    48m 42s EnFr

  • Pick a Number

    6. Pick a Number

    A phenomenon known as "Carnival Justice" unfolds; Brother Justin wanders in the wilderness.

    56m 3s EnFr

  • The River

    7. The River

    Iris gets unexpected support from a radio reporter; Ben and Ruthie hunt for snakes.

    51m 35s EnFr

  • Lonnigan, Texas

    8. Lonnigan, Texas

    Samson sends Ben on a road trip to recruit a new attraction; Sofie considers defying her mother.

    57m 58s EnFr

  • Insomnia

    9. Insomnia

    Ben stays awake to keep from dreaming; Samson tries to drum up new business.

    45m 45s EnFr

  • Hot and Bothered

    10. Hot and Bothered

    Brother Justin returns to Mintern to chart a new course for his ministry.

    52m 46s EnFr

  • Day of the Dead

    11. Day of the Dead

    Lodz hatches a devious plan to reach Ben; Rita Sue upstages Catalina.

    54m 0s EnFr

  • The Day That Was the Day

    12. The Day That Was the Day

    Faced with a crisis of life-and-death dimensions, Ben turns to Lodz for advice.

    54m 59s EnFr