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Chasing Life

Chasing Life

2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Things are looking good for aspiring journalist April. Not only has the 20-something received an opportunity to impress her editor at the Boston newspaper where she works, but she also has a budding romance with attractive co-worker Dominic. Unfortunately that's when a big challenge starts. She is admitted to hospital and learns from her oncologist uncle that she has cancer. Thus begins April's journey to beat the disease while following her dreams for both her personal and professional lives.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    An aspiring journalist at a Boston newspaper receives life-changing news following a hospital visit.

    43m 33s Fr

  • Help Wanted

    2. Help Wanted

    April hides her health issues as she works on a profile piece about a gubernatorial candidate.

    42m 44s Fr

  • Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

    3. Blood Cancer Sex Carrots

    April learns that Dominic has a reputation; Sara introduces her new boyfriend to the family.

    42m 34s Fr

  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    4. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    April becomes overwhelmed by home and career responsibilities; Brenna bonds with a popular student.

    41m 39s Fr

  • The Family That Lies Together

    5. The Family That Lies Together

    Dominic and April share family secrets following an unnerving visit to a psychic.

    42m 3s Fr

  • Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat!

    6. Clear Minds, Full Lives, Can't Eat!

    April agrees to some recklessness with Leo after he challenges her to take control of her future.

    42m 3s Fr

  • Unplanned Parenthood

    7. Unplanned Parenthood

    April learns about fertility options prior to starting chemotherapy.

    42m 19s Fr

  • Death Becomes Her

    8. Death Becomes Her

    April blows off work to spend time with members of her support group; Brenna travels to Miami.

    42m 34s Fr

  • What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo

    9. What to Expect When You're Expecting Chemo

    April tries to keep her busy life under control in the days before her scheduled hospital stay.

    42m 38s Fr

  • Finding Chemo

    10. Finding Chemo

    April's resolve to battle her situation wanes as her chemotherapy treatments begin to take a toll.

    42m 34s Fr

  • Locks of Love

    11. Locks of Love

    April's visiting grandparents stir up trouble; the Carvers have an early Christmas celebration.

    42m 24s Fr

  • Next April

    12. Next April

    April faces the aftermath of Leo's surgery; a new boss intends to shake things up at the paper.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Guess Who's Coming to Donate

    13. Guess Who's Coming to Donate

    Natalie has second thoughts about donating bone marrow; April works to regain her boss's trust.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Cancer Friends With Benefits

    14. Cancer Friends With Benefits

    April tries to make a new start with Leo; George and Natalie share unexpected news with the Carvers.

    42m 13s Fr

  • April Just Wants to Have Fun

    15. April Just Wants to Have Fun

    April cuts loose at Beth's house party; Leo's new job is more challenging than he expected.

    42m 43s Fr

  • The Big Leagues

    16. The Big Leagues

    April must make a tough decision when she breaks a story involving a baseball player.

    42m 38s Fr

  • Model Behavior

    17. Model Behavior

    April is forced to defend herself when her controversial article becomes national news.

    41m 44s Fr

  • Rest in Peace

    18. Rest in Peace

    April fears the worst when her cancer symptoms return; Beth's job impacts her personal life.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Life, Actually

    19. Life, Actually

    Beth and April discuss the shortcomings of each other's boyfriends.

    42m 39s Fr

  • No News Is Bad News

    20. No News Is Bad News

    April rethinks her priorities when her new boss pressures her to put her journalism career first.

    43m 3s Fr

  • One Day

    21. One Day

    April receives unwelcome news; sweeping changes at the newspaper put April's job in jeopardy.

    42m 39s Fr