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Chasing Life

Chasing Life

2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
Things are looking good for aspiring journalist April. Not only has the 20-something received an opportunity to impress her editor at the Boston newspaper where she works, but she also has a budding romance with attractive co-worker Dominic. Unfortunately that's when a big challenge starts. She is admitted to hospital and learns from her oncologist uncle that she has cancer. Thus begins April's journey to beat the disease while following her dreams for both her personal and professional lives.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • A View From the Ledge

    1. A View From the Ledge

    A fellow cancer patient helps April enjoy life in the moment; Natalie discovers a secret manuscript.

    42m 59s Fr

  • The Age of Consent

    2. The Age of Consent

    April takes a break from a stressful health care decision by heading to Bermuda with Beth.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Life of Brenna

    3. Life of Brenna

    Brenna has difficulty living in April's shadow; Dominic seeks a fresh start with his mother.

    41m 44s Fr

  • Truly Madly Deeply

    4. Truly Madly Deeply

    April and Leo take a quiz to learn more about each other, but the results aren't what they expected.

    42m 33s Fr

  • The Domino Effect

    5. The Domino Effect

    April has a memorable bachelorette party; Dominic arranges for April to meet with his book agent.

    42m 28s Fr

  • That Last W

    6. That Last W

    April's wedding day arrives; Dominic struggles with the reality of losing the woman he loves.

    42m 39s Fr

  • As Long As We Both Shall Live

    7. As Long As We Both Shall Live

    The honeymoon is over for April and Leo as they attempt to adjust to married life.

    42m 38s Fr

  • The Ghost in You

    8. The Ghost in You

    April shuts out the world following an unexpected loss; Finn gives Brenna good advice.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Wild Thing

    9. Wild Thing

    April uses her inheritance money to take a walk on the wild side; Sara attempts to help others.

    42m 38s Fr

  • A Bottle of Secrets

    10. A Bottle of Secrets

    April ruffles family feathers when she investigates a secret George has been hiding.

    42m 19s Fr

  • First Person

    11. First Person

    April is reluctant to accept a literary agent's advice until a friend puts things into perspective.

    42m 39s Fr

  • Ready or Not

    12. Ready or Not

    April uses her connections in an effort to schmooze with a book publisher at an exclusive event.

    42m 44s Fr

  • La Dolce Vita

    13. La Dolce Vita

    April takes a trip to Rome to find inspiration and escape overwhelming family drama.

    42m 44s Fr