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Chop Socky Chooks

Chop Socky Chooks

1 Season
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Chuckie Chan, KO Joe and Chick P make up Chop Socky Chooks. The three friends are Kung Fu Chickens who live in Wasabi World and fight the monstrous Doctor Wasabi, who plans to take over the world. The trio works undercover using martial arts, spy gadgets and quick wits to protect Wasabi World from Doctor Wasabi, Bonsai Shrink Rays and Karaoke Zombies.
Kids, Adventure

  • C8


  • Game Over Chooks!

    1. Game Over Chooks!

    The Chooks must fight to defend themselves in a deadly virtual battle.

    22m 7s

  • Big Bad Bubba

    2. Big Bad Bubba

    Bubba becomes possessed by an ancient demon.

    22m 6s

  • Kobura Strikes

    3. Kobura Strikes

    An enemy from Chuckie's past returns for revenge.

    22m 5s

  • Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't

    4. Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't

    The Chooks find themselves in a showdown.

    22m 6s

  • Double Trouble

    5. Double Trouble

    A gang of robotic renegade Chooks go on a crime spree in Wasabi World.

    21m 15s

  • If Looks Could Kill

    6. If Looks Could Kill

    Chick P reunites with an old friend only to discover a family secret.

    21m 15s

  • Do You Want Thighs With That?

    7. Do You Want Thighs With That?

    Wasabi's new burger sauce is strangely addictive.

    21m 15s

  • In Your Dreams

    8. In Your Dreams

    Chuckie becomes a prisoner of Wasabi's Dream World.

    22m 7s

  • Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath

    9. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath

    Wedding bells ring for Wasabi much to the dismay of the Chooks.

    21m 15s

  • Snake in the Class

    10. Snake in the Class

    The Chooks secret identities are revealed.

    22m 6s

  • His Master's Choice

    11. His Master's Choice

    Wasabi's new must-have toy is not all it's cracked up to be.

    22m 6s

  • Chop Socky Whoops

    12. Chop Socky Whoops

    Wasabi uses a time machine to travel back to the day the team was formed.

    22m 6s

  • Mark of the Bantam

    13. Mark of the Bantam

    The elusive Bantam, a TV superhero from 20 years ago, reappears and has a surprise.

    22m 6s

  • Karaoke Zombies

    14. Karaoke Zombies

    The Chop Socky Chooks must fight back and try to return everyone to normal before it's too late.

    22m 5s

  • Return the Other Cheek

    15. Return the Other Cheek

    Wasabi steals the Iron Butt Monks' sacred talisman.

    22m 5s

  • Planet of the Bubba

    16. Planet of the Bubba

    Bubba, struck by a powerful force while fixing Wasabi's TV satellite, becomes super smart.

    22m 7s

  • The Level That Time Forgot

    17. The Level That Time Forgot

    The inhabitants, the Neandermalls, hail Chick P as their Queen.

    22m 6s

  • Bushido Babies

    18. Bushido Babies

    Wasabi's new milk formula is turning babies into a deadly army.

    22m 5s

  • Appalling 13

    19. Appalling 13

    A crack team of Kung Fu Chickens work undercover to combat their arch-enemy.

    22m 5s

  • The Chooks of Hazard

    20. The Chooks of Hazard

    Wasabi sets up a wacky scavenger hunt to find the parts to Professor Shirikan's terrible new weapon.

    22m 5s

  • Enter the Chickens

    21. Enter the Chickens

    The Chooks enter into a tournament to find the Ultimate Martial Artist.

    22m 6s

  • Swarm Welcome

    22. Swarm Welcome

    The Chooks have to fight one of their most disgusting battles yet.

    22m 6s

  • The Lamest Show on Earth

    23. The Lamest Show on Earth

    The egg hatches and the mischievous young dragon becomes a target for Wasabi and his lame circus.

    22m 5s

  • Isle Be Seeing You

    24. Isle Be Seeing You

    The Chooks wake up on a mysterious island filled with dangerous perils.

    22m 5s

  • The Codfather

    25. The Codfather

    The Chooks recruit Bubba has their fourth member.

    22m 6s

  • Down the Drain

    26. Down the Drain

    A simple misunderstanding makes Wasabi's main computer flush him down the toilet.

    22m 7s