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Collision Course

Collision Course

2 Seasons
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An explosive series which unravels the true stories behind mysterious and controversial celebrity crashes.

  • 14+
  • Mature Themes


  • Caitlyn Jenner

    1. Caitlyn Jenner

    An in-depth look at the car accident that involved Caitlyn Jenner, which resulted in the death of 69 year-old former actress, Kim Howe.

    43m 41s

  • Paul Walker

    2. Paul Walker

    Paul Walker goes for a quick drive in a Porsche Carrera GT owned by a racing colleague and both die minutes later in a horrific crash.

    43m 44s

  • John Denver

    3. John Denver

    The mystery surrounding beloved singer and songwriter John Denver's plane crash into the Pacific Ocean in 1997.

    43m 41s

  • JFK Junior

    4. JFK Junior

    Investigating the plane crash that took the lives of John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette, and her sister Lauren.

    43m 44s

  • Justin Bieber

    5. Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber's custom car collection allows him to escape into privacy but has a series of serious accidents and incidents.

    43m 45s

  • Tracy Morgan

    6. Tracy Morgan

    An in-depth look at the accident that involved comic and actor Tracy Morgan and his colleagues.

    44m 26s