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Corner Gas Animated

Corner Gas Animated

2 Seasons
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An Animated Reboot Of The Original Canadian Series "Corner Gas".
Comedy, Animation

  • PG


  • Bone Dry

    1. Bone Dry

    The tanks have run dry and there’s a food shortage at Corner Gas, causing a panic in Dog River.

    21m 42s

  • Squatch Your Language

    2. Squatch Your Language

    Wanda, Hank and Lacey attempt to terrorize Brent with a Sasquatch hoax.

    21m 38s

  • None of Your Beefwax

    3. None of Your Beefwax

    Brent and the citizens of Dog River are annoyed when Lacey tries to make them eat local.

    21m 41s

  • Bait and Click

    4. Bait and Click

    Wanda and Lacey entice the residents of Dog River with clickbait texts, while Oscar sets up a bait shop across the street from Corner Gas.

    21m 41s

  • Flush Photography

    5. Flush Photography

    The Dog River sewer system backs up causing chaos.

    21m 41s

  • Shelter Skelter

    6. Shelter Skelter

    Hank and Oscar team up to build an apocalyptic shelter, while Davis, Karen, and Wanda argue over who would be the best leader.

    21m 41s

  • Scary Cat Graffiti

    7. Scary Cat Graffiti

    Hank and Brent restore a vintage car, while Karen deals with a crazed stray cat.

    21m 41s

  • Rum Punch

    8. Rum Punch

    Hank accidentally punches Brent and they agree Brent can punch Hank back to settle the score.

    21m 41s

  • Spy Me to the Moon

    9. Spy Me to the Moon

    Things get awkward when Lacey and Brent realize just how romantic moon-gazing can be.

    21m 41s

  • Retro Grade

    10. Retro Grade

    It’s 70s Disco Night at the Bar and Lacey is annoyed with the town’s new party planning methods.

    21m 41s

  • Smoke-a-Cola

    11. Smoke-a-Cola

    It’s cigars and “Battle Brides” night for the women of Dog River but they can’t shake Hank from the girls-only event.

    21m 41s

  • Sunny and Share

    12. Sunny and Share

    At the Summer Solstice Deck Party, the locals compete for a seat in the sun.

    21m 41s

  • Zip-A-Dee-Broom-Bah

    13. Zip-A-Dee-Broom-Bah

    Hank wants to build a zip line in town and Lacey and Brent help out so he doesn’t get himself killed.

    21m 41s