Dans ton cell
Dans ton cell

Dans ton cell

1 Season
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DANS TON CELL is a show that’s a bit techie, a bit geeky, but always funny! Every week, Valérie Roberts and her sidekick Julien Corriveau welcome a celebrity and look through their cellphone. Their favourite apps, the number of selfies they take, what song they listen to on repeat, the person they text most often … everything goes! Reviewers David Beaucage, Katrine Duhaime, Jean-François Gagnon and Ada Kraszczynski show the guests new apps, gadgets and the latest trends around the smart phone.
Talk & Entertainment, Technology, Comedy


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  • Directors

    • Mathieu Gadbois
    • François Lachapelle
  • Producers

    • Louis Morissette
    • Louis-Philippe Drolet
    • Alain Chicoine
    • Dominic Anctil
    • Anouk Ste-Croix
  • Cast

    • Julien Corriveau
    • Valérie Roberts
  • Writer

    • Julien Corriveau