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Daytime Divas

Daytime Divas

1 Season
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Daytime Divas enters a backstage world filled with the power struggles, diva fits, and steamy affairs that come with TV production.

  • 14+
  • Sex
  • Mature Themes


  • Pilot

    1. Pilot

    The women struggle to keep their tumultuous personal lives private and their rivalries friendly.

    41m 48s

  • Coma Bump

    2. Coma Bump

    Maxine returns to the show, but Mo threatens to expose a secret; Nina has news for Shawn; Kibby gets blindsided.

    41m 55s

  • Blind Items

    3. Blind Items

    Maxine goes on the warpath after an item shows in Page Six; Nina learns that Andrew has a secret.

    41m 12s

  • Shut It Down

    4. Shut It Down

    Maxine wants to quash Anna's book; Portia Camden joins "The Lunch Hour" as a guest co-host.

    41m 46s

  • Baby Daddy Drama

    5. Baby Daddy Drama

    Nina's paternity scandal ignites a media frenzy; Maxine hires a crisis manager.

    40m 56s

  • We Are Family

    6. We Are Family

    Kibby throws a party to celebrate a year of sobriety; Maxine brings a date to the event.

    41m 53s

  • Truth's a Mutha

    7. Truth's a Mutha

    Maxine drops a bombshell on the air when William's mother visits the set of "The Lunch Hour."

    40m 58s

  • And The Loser Is...

    8. And The Loser Is...

    Mo returns to torment Maxine at the Daytime TV Awards.

    41m 16s

  • Whose Show Is It Anyway?

    9. Whose Show Is It Anyway?

    Maxine schemes to control Mo; Nina investigates Maxine's past; Kibby spirals out of control.

    41m 43s

  • Lunch Is On Us

    10. Lunch Is On Us

    Everyone is reeling from the aftermath of what happened backstage as tensions come to a head.

    41m 43s