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Dead Like Me

Dead Like Me

2 Seasons
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AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 30. A college dropout, Georgia "George" Lass is killed by a toilet seat that falls from the MIR space station. Upon death, she is recruited for a team of grim reapers who mix among the living and take people's souls just before they die.
Drama, Fantasy

  • 14+
  • Violence


  • Pilot, Part 1

    1. Pilot, Part 1

    A dead teenage girl becomes a "reaper" charged with delivering souls to their eternal reward.

    35m 52s

  • Pilot, Part 2

    2. Pilot, Part 2

    A dead teenage girl becomes a "reaper" charged with delivering souls to their eternal reward.

    40m 8s

  • Dead Girl Walking

    3. Dead Girl Walking

    George suffers reaper's remorse and tries to quit her new job only to find there are consequences when she shirks her reaper duties.

    40m 34s

  • Curious George

    4. Curious George

    George discovers the price the dead pay for hanging on to their past.

    44m 1s

  • Reapercussions

    5. Reapercussions

    George spares the life of the creator of an exercise device, with dire consequences.

    42m 26s

  • Reaping Havoc

    6. Reaping Havoc

    George decides that even Grim Reapers need friends and goes searching for companionship.

    41m 35s

  • My Room

    7. My Room

    Still upset at losing Betty, George gets a new roommate; she also tries bowling.

    43m 20s

  • Reaper Madness

    8. Reaper Madness

    George gets her first kiss from a man who can see gravelings.

    43m 29s

  • A Cook

    9. A Cook

    George gets a pet; Rube takes a shift on the grill at Der Waffle Haus.

    43m 40s

  • Sunday Mornings

    10. Sunday Mornings

    George discovers that her father is not the person she thought.

    43m 59s

  • Business Unfinished

    11. Business Unfinished

    The reapers decide to hold a seance for a determined ghost; Ruby grieves her own death.

    43m 58s

  • The Bicycle Thief

    12. The Bicycle Thief

    George leaves Happy Time for a new job and a bike; Reggie searches for a lost dog.

    42m 35s

  • Nighthawks

    13. Nighthawks

    The reapers endure a late night on the job; George watches for death in her family's driveway.

    42m 20s

  • Vacation

    14. Vacation

    Death takes a holiday, so the Grim Reapers use the break to catch up on some paperwork.

    40m 58s

  • Rest in Peace

    15. Rest in Peace

    George tries to get her old job back at Happy Time, but can't win her ex-boss over.

    40m 49s