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Design V.I.P.

Design V.I.P.

3 Seasons
QC:  G
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  • CRAVE ( Fr )
In DESIGN V.I.P., athletes, actors, comedians and singers call upon the style, creativity and flair of Marie-Christine Lavoie to redesign a room in their house.
Home, Lifestyle, Décor

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  • QC: G


  • Episode 1

    1. Episode 1

    Mario Jean and his wife would like to modernize the decorating in their bedroom.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 2

    2. Episode 2

    Geneviève Rochette gave DESIGN V.I.P. the project of rearranging her TV room to adapt it to her family’s different needs.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 3

    3. Episode 3

    Gino Chouinard asks DESIGN V.I.P. to arrange his son Nathan’s bedroom.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 4

    4. Episode 4

    Brigitte Boisjoli vient d'acquérir une nouvelle maison et elle veut ajouter de la chaleur et du caractère à sa salle de télévision.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 5

    5. Episode 5

    Cathy Gauthier has DESIGN V.I.P. take care of planning the layout of her living and dining rooms.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 6

    6. Episode 6

    TV host Pierre-Yves Lord lives in the house he grew up in. He wants to modernize his childhood basement.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 7

    7. Episode 7

    Julie Bélanger wants a functional office space where she can work comfortably.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 8

    8. Episode 8

    Saskia Thuot dreams of having a vestibule like those you see in magazines.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 9

    9. Episode 9

    Jean-Philippe Wauthier is a very busy man, while also being the father to two young children. He needs a room where he can relax and work.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 10

    10. Episode 10

    Jean-Marc Parent gives free rein to Marie-Christine in modernizing his kitchen.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 11

    11. Episode 11

    The bubbly IMA dreams of an environment conducive to playing guitar and meditating.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 12

    12. Episode 12

    Actor Vincent Leclerc has a challenge for Marie-Christine: optimize the configuration of his basement.

    22m 22s Fr

  • Episode 13

    13. Episode 13

    Marie-Soleil Dion would like to make her daughter-in-law Béatrice happy by transforming her new bedroom.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 14

    14. Episode 14

    Actor Marie-Hélène Thibault calls on Marie-Christine to modernize the main living room in her house.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 16

    16. Episode 16

    Luc Guérin has a house in the country. He asks Marie-Christine to create a new layout for his TV room on the garden level.

    22m 21s Fr

  • Episode 17

    17. Episode 17

    Marie-Claude Savard loves having people over at her cottage, but she doesn’t have the outdoor space necessary for it.

    22m 21s Fr