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Dinosaur Planet

Dinosaur Planet

1 Season
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Dinosaur Planet shows prehistoric life from the dinosaur's point of view in spectacular specials that span four continents.

  • PG


  • White Tip's Journey

    1. White Tip's Journey

    Velociraptor White Tip tries to survive after losing her pack; she locates a new pack and a mate, but her hardships are just beginning.

    45m 49s

  • Alpha's Egg

    2. Alpha's Egg

    Follow saltasaur Alpha as she grows, from before birth through adolescence and on to adulthood, and learns how to survive.

    44m 46s

  • Pod's Travels

    3. Pod's Travels

    Pyroraptor Pod is swept out to sea and lands on an island populated by dwarf-sized dinosaurs; where he becomes the apex predator.

    45m 40s

  • Little Das' Hunt

    4. Little Das' Hunt

    Das' job is to herd prey towards the pack, but he gets distracted and ruins the hunt; the dinosaurs are unprepared when a volcano threatens.

    45m 31s