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Dog Tales Rescue

Dog Tales Rescue

2 Seasons
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
Married couple, Danielle and Rob run a dog and horse sanctuary for sick, elderly, and abused animals in King City, Ontario.

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Whatever it Takes

    1. Whatever it Takes

    Rob and Danielle introduce Dog Tales Rescue and Horse Sanctuary; Clare puts together a creative photo shoot to help boost adoption rates.

    23m 31s En

  • A Perfect Match

    2. A Perfect Match

    Dog behaviourist Aimee works with rescue dog Moby; Danielle and Ilana try to find a buddy for a blind rescue horse named Ben.

    23m 33s En

  • Mind your Manners

    3. Mind your Manners

    Dog behaviourist Aimee works with Bibi to get him ready for potential adopters. Foster dog Marge is available for adoption.

    23m 33s En

  • A Special Bond

    4. A Special Bond

    The team travels to a busy shelter in Miami. Trouble arises when Danielle falls in love with a bonded pair facing separation.

    23m 33s En

  • Save the 21

    5. Save the 21

    Rob fights to save 21 Pitbull type dogs rescued from an alleged fighting ring. Rescue dog Baxter faces a complicated surgery.

    23m 33s En

  • Overlooked

    6. Overlooked

    Rob and Danielle hope to save many dogs being overlooked at a busy Miami shelter.

    23m 31s En

  • Phoebe's Legs

    7. Phoebe's Legs

    Will the trauma Rescue dog Phoebe endured hinder her ability to use her new prosthetics?

    23m 27s En

  • Above and Beyond

    8. Above and Beyond

    It’s all hands on deck as Danielle, Rob, and their team prepare to shine a light on rescue animals with their annual Dog Tales Festival.

    23m 19s En

  • Second Chances

    9. Second Chances

    Rob must assess a dog at risk of euthanasia due to her history of behavioural issues.

    23m 20s En

  • Renewed Hope

    10. Renewed Hope

    Rob travels to Florida to start training 18 pit-bull type dogs seized from an alleged fighting ring.

    23m 32s En