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Dr. Panda

Dr. Panda

1 Season
QC:  G
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Dr. Panda and his friends try different professions and solve problems with creativity.
Kids, Animation, Pre-School

  • C

  • QC: G


  • A Chicken up a Tree

    1. A Chicken up a Tree

    When Dr. Panda is a fireman for the day he uses the ladder truck to free Hoopa, who’s become stuck.

    7m 51s En

  • A New Chicken Shed for Moo

    2. A New Chicken Shed for Moo

    Dr. Panda and Hoopa build a new chicken shed for Moo’s chickens.

    7m 51s En

  • Ready, Steady, Pick!

    3. Ready, Steady, Pick!

    Dr. Panda is a farmer for the day. He helps Moo harvest her apples to make apple jam for the farmer's market.

    7m 51s En

  • The Mystery at Moo's Farm

    4. The Mystery at Moo's Farm

    Moo calls Dr. Panda in a panic - all her favourite food is disappearing from her farm!

    7m 56s En

  • Treasures Unearthed

    5. Treasures Unearthed

    Dr. Panda sets off with a metal detector in search of treasure

    7m 57s En

  • A Windy Day

    6. A Windy Day

    Dr. Panda and Hoopa are collecting garbage today, but the wind blows the garbage they've already picked up all over Moo’s farm.

    7m 46s En

  • Hot Air Balloon

    7. Hot Air Balloon

    Dr. Panda is in charge of giving rides in a hot air balloon, but disaster looms when Moo's chickens take to the skies unsupervised!

    7m 54s En

  • One Thing Makes Another

    8. One Thing Makes Another

    Dr. Panda is painting pictures with June to make decorations for the Spring Festival.

    7m 49s En

  • Photographer

    9. Photographer

    When Mei Mei decides to photograph the chickens as a treat for Moo, she calls on Dr. Panda the photographer.

    7m 47s En

  • Delivery Man

    10. Delivery Man

    After a mishap at the mail centre, it’s down to delivery man Dr. Panda to figure out where every package belongs.

    7m 55s En

  • Green Is for Go!

    11. Green Is for Go!

    Dr. Panda and Mei-Mei are traffic wardens for the day.

    7m 49s En

  • Super Cleaner

    12. Super Cleaner

    Olette wants her home to be spotless, ready for a visit from Bip and Mei Mei.

    7m 53s En

  • The Supercake

    13. The Supercake

    June visits Dr. Panda's bakery for a special cake, but can't decide between three flavours.

    7m 47s En

  • Sports Day

    14. Sports Day

    Dr. Panda is a referee at Panda City's Sports Day.

    7m 53s En

  • Dr. Panda’s Diner

    15. Dr. Panda’s Diner

    Dr. Panda opens a diner, with Hoopa as his waiter, and they're delighted when they have a guest with a big appetite - Ziggy!

    7m 59s En

  • Egg Trouble

    16. Egg Trouble

    Dr. Panda is a truck driver tasked with driving a delivery of fragile eggs from Moo's farm all the way to Leo's cabin.

    7m 55s En

  • Wash Day

    17. Wash Day

    Dr. Panda is helping Moo with a huge load of laundry but there's soon trouble when the washing machine breaks down.

    7m 56s En

  • The Pizza Problem

    18. The Pizza Problem

    In Dr. Panda's pizza bakery, Olette's commitment and Bip's playfulness clash when they have a delivery of pizzas to prepare.

    7m 56s En

  • The Search for the Butterfly

    19. The Search for the Butterfly

    Dr. Panda and Toto help Leo to track down a rare and beautiful butterfly, scanning Panda City Park with their binoculars.

    7m 50s En

  • Potter

    20. Potter

    Dr. Panda is a potter with a shop where he sells his wares.

    8m 1s En

  • A Chicken at the Dentist

    21. A Chicken at the Dentist

    Dr. Panda is a calm, reassuring dentist, working alongside dental nurse Olette.

    7m 56s En

  • Request Quest

    22. Request Quest

    Today Dr. Panda is Panda City’s radio DJ, and his friends request their favourite songs.

    8m 0s En

  • A Puzzle of Bones

    23. A Puzzle of Bones

    At the Panda City museum Dr. Panda is delighted to discover he'll be helping Richy put together a new dinosaur exhibit.

    7m 57s En

  • Stepping Up

    24. Stepping Up

    Mei Mei is entering a ballroom dancing competition, with Bip as her partner, and it's up to Dr. Panda to teach them the steps.

    7m 59s En

  • Gardener

    25. Gardener

    Today Dr. Panda is helping Olette to tidy up her garden.

    7m 52s En

  • The Melt and Wobble

    26. The Melt and Wobble

    Dr. Panda is an ice sculptor for the day and carves a special ice chicken for the opening of Moo's popsicle cart.

    7m 49s En

  • Chickensitter

    27. Chickensitter

    Moo is going to see her favourite band in concert, so Dr. Panda is tasked with babysitting her chickens tonight.

    7m 44s En

  • Pop Group

    28. Pop Group

    Dr. Panda plays the tuba in a band with Bip on the drums, Olette on the keyboard and Mei Mei as a singer.

    7m 50s En

  • Pandaball

    29. Pandaball

    Dr. Panda is a groundskeeper. He and June are preparing the local sportsfield for a game of tennis between Olette, Mei Mei, Moo and Bip.

    7m 59s En

  • Doctor

    30. Doctor

    Dr. Panda attends to Bip's broken leg and tells him it's important to give his leg some rest.

    7m 44s En

  • Personal Trainer

    31. Personal Trainer

    Leo has entered an obstacle course like the ones he loved to do when he was younger, but he is intimidated by his competitors.

    7m 53s En

  • Starry, Starry Night

    32. Starry, Starry Night

    Tonight Dr. Panda and Toto are visiting Leo to watch the stars in anticipation of a meteor shower.

    8m 1s En

  • Furniture Mover

    33. Furniture Mover

    Dr. Panda and Hoopa are tasked with moving a large all-in-one fitness machine from Moo's barn to Olette's house.

    7m 55s En

  • Tour Guide

    34. Tour Guide

    Dr. Panda guides a group of his friends along Panda City's historical sights, but they get stuck due to a road block.

    7m 56s En

  • Milkman

    35. Milkman

    Dr. Panda is a milkman today. When he goes to pick up the milk at Moo's farm, he finds Moo already hard at work picking strawberries.

    7m 40s En

  • Librarian

    36. Librarian

    Dr. Panda is working at the Panda City library, and is in charge of taking in and lending out books.

    7m 44s En

  • Scarecrow

    37. Scarecrow

    Dr. Panda is working on Moo's farm planting seeds while she is at the farmer's market.

    7m 51s En

  • Weather, With a Chance of More Weather

    38. Weather, With a Chance of More Weather

    Dr. Panda is a weather forecaster, but due to some mishaps with his equipment he predicts the wrong wind speed.

    7m 44s En

  • Magician

    39. Magician

    Dr. Panda is going to perform his magic tricks on stage at the park today.

    7m 52s En