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1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • SUPER ÉCRAN ( Fr )
Although Edgar Aquin can go unnoticed by his appearance, he is a formidable investigator, with an extraordinary sense of observation. With his unconventional methods, sharp instincts and unique logic, he will succeed in proving the guilt of the suspects every time!
Drama, Crime

  • PG

  • QC: 8+


  • Episode 1

    1. Episode 1

    A former vault burglar uses his ex-criminal experience to murder his lawyer and former partner Fred Allard.

    42m 22s Fr

  • Episode 2

    2. Episode 2

    Desperate to win a prestigious poker tournament, one of America's top players plots a methodical murder.

    40m 4s Fr

  • Episode 3

    3. Episode 3

    A Winnipeg rapper and street gang member is found dead, but Edgar doesn't buy the theory of settling scores.

    42m 12s Fr

  • Episode 4

    4. Episode 4

    When Chuck leads Benoit into a new high-risk business partnership, it is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    41m 8s Fr

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(French) Edgar Trailer

(French) Edgar Trailer

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