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Enchantimals: Tales from the Everwilde

Enchantimals: Tales from the Everwilde

1 Season
QC:  8+
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  • CRAVE ( En )
Step into the fantastical world of the Enchantimals! A Group of lovable half-animal, half-human girls who share a special bond with their cuddly animal besties. The Enchantimals live in a magical world where fun and adventure are around every corner and friendship makes anything possible! Together, hand in paw, they explore the whimsical worlds in Tales From Everwilde and discover even when things get a bit wild, caring is everything. Join them on their exciting adventures, where they head to Frozenwood in search of an ice cream that never melts and visit Grazy Grasslands, to help Merrit Monkey and Cherish Cheetah Enchantimals find the cure for hiccupitis! Watch the Enchantimals plan a surprise party for Felicity and laugh with Patter and Flap as they send their Enchantimal friends on a scavenger hunt adventure. Friendship and fun await you in the Tales From Everwilde!
Animation, Kids

  • C8

  • QC: 8+


  • There's Gotta Be a Better Way

    1. There's Gotta Be a Better Way

    When Bree makes an invention that makes the Enchantimals' powers bigger, it is more chaotic than helpful.

    11m 1s En

  • Danessa Deerest

    2. Danessa Deerest

    Danessa must care for a baby porcupine and finds out taking care of a "little one" is harder than it looks.

    11m 1s En

  • Flick's Big Secret

    3. Flick's Big Secret

    When Flick overhears that the other enchantimals are throwing Felicity a surprise party, she almost ruins it by spreading the word.

    11m 1s En

  • Dozens of Cousins

    4. Dozens of Cousins

    Bree has her hands full when Twist's many bunny cousins come to visit.

    11m 1s En

  • A Skunky Nose

    5. A Skunky Nose

    Sage and Caper come down with colds and can't smell a thing right before the big Nosefest Competition!

    11m 1s En

  • Sleepover

    6. Sleepover

    Sage and Caper host Patter, Flap, Bree and Twist for a “Fashion Sleepover Party”.

    11m 1s En

  • Tale of the Always Frozen Ice Cream

    7. Tale of the Always Frozen Ice Cream

    The Enchantimals’ varied personalities pose problems as they journey to Frozenwood in search of ice cream that never melts.

    11m 1s En

  • Kitchen Chaos

    8. Kitchen Chaos

    When super-organized neatnik Felicity and brash, impulsive Sage decide to bake one of Bree's recipes together.

    11m 1s En

  • A Little Extra Zazz!

    9. A Little Extra Zazz!

    When Danessa allows Patter to wardrobe-makeover her into a reluctant fashionista.

    11m 1s En

  • Best Adventure

    10. Best Adventure

    When Felicity twists her ankle, and has to stay off of it, her friends re-enact some of her favorite adventures.

    11m 1s En

  • Savanna Banana

    11. Savanna Banana

    Merrit Monkey gets an emergency message from an old rival from her childhood.

    11m 1s En

  • Tuzifruit Time

    12. Tuzifruit Time

    Rotten Tuzifruit ruins the annual Grazy Grasslands Tuzifruit Festival.

    11m 1s En

  • Party Troopers

    13. Party Troopers

    Acclaimed party planners Fanci and her two besties attempt to throw the best farewell party ever for their Wonderwood visitors.

    11m 1s En

  • Case of the Missing Antlers

    14. Case of the Missing Antlers

    When Danessa wakes up one morning with missing antlers, she goes to each of her friends for help.

    11m 1s En

  • New Neighbors

    15. New Neighbors

    Danessa and Sprint solve a mystery of fallen objects from the sky and discover that they have a new squirrel Enchantimal.

    11m 1s En

  • Sheepless in Wonderwood

    16. Sheepless in Wonderwood

    Patter and Flap are befriended by a pair of sheep (enchantimal and bestie) who mimic their peacock ways.

    11m 1s En

  • Just Bear-ly Asleep

    17. Just Bear-ly Asleep

    As Bren Bear hibernation sleepwalks into the forest, Bree, Twist, Sage and Caper work together to try lead her safely back to her bed.

    11m 1s En

  • Flick and the Festival of Ice

    18. Flick and the Festival of Ice

    Flick heads to Frozenwood for the Annual Ice Sculpture Contest.

    11m 1s En

  • Brought the Farm

    19. Brought the Farm

    Gillian Giraffe and her bestie Pawl come to Wonderwood to start a new Tuzi Fruit orchard.

    11m 1s En

  • Jumpin' Junglewood

    20. Jumpin' Junglewood

    Patter, Flap, Ekaterina and Antic travel to Junglewood for a special festival where they realize that being different is a good thing.

    11m 1s En

  • Relax and Recharge

    21. Relax and Recharge

    When the animals try to help Danessa and Sprint relax after a long week at the Animal Rescue.

    11m 1s En

  • Welcome to Wonderwood

    22. Welcome to Wonderwood

    It's the anniversary of Preena and Jayla's arrival in Wonderwood, and everyone's celebrating.

    11m 1s En

  • All the Wood's a Stage

    23. All the Wood's a Stage

    Peeki and Sheeny come to Wonderwood Village to put on a show with the enchantimals.

    11m 1s En

  • Sneaky Sniffles

    24. Sneaky Sniffles

    Sprint pretends to have the sniffles in order to get attention from Danessa.

    11m 1s En

  • The Mysterious Disappearance of the Babbling Brook

    25. The Mysterious Disappearance of the Babbling Brook

    The Enchantimals have a mystery on their hands when the Babbling Brook suddenly appears to be drying up.

    11m 1s En

  • Peacock Puzzles

    26. Peacock Puzzles

    Patter and Flap send their Enchantimal friends on a scavenger hunt adventure.

    11m 1s En